703.14 Open Hearth (OH) Steel Slag Aggregate used for Item 304

1. Specification:

703.14 C&MS

S 1069

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Use of OH materials is based on:

Submittal and acceptance of documentation of Tufa Performance 703.14.C

Aging and stockpiling (material will be graded to the 304 specification)

Expansion testing of the stockpiled and graded material

Quality testing for all 703.17 requirements applicable to OH

For an accepted OH material, At least one quality assurance sample for gradation (PWL) will be pulled and tested.

A sample shall consist of 60-75 pounds.  Samples represent each 2500 tons, or fraction thereof.

3. Method of Test:

Supplement 1029 (2002 C&MS), AASHTO T 96, AASHTO T 89, AASHTO T90, S 1017, S 1021 S1027

(OMM Aggregate Section)

Expansion Test PTM 130

(Aggregate Supplier)