703.16 Suitable Materials for Embankment Construction

1. Specifications:

703.16 C&MS

703.15 C&MS (OH, EAF, and BOF Slag)

S 1069

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Sampling requirements are based on engineer's ability to determine if materials can be classified in accordance with the Department's group classifications. Where gradations are required it is the aggregate supplier/contractor's responsibility to conform with S1069.

Using borrow sources at the field site does not eliminate the requirements of S 1069.  District will require a quality control plan conforming to S 1069

For ACBFS supplier test data conforming to S1027 will be required to assure conformance with S 1027.  District shipment should not be authorized without S1027 test data

Assure OH, EAF and BOF blending operations conform to 703.16

For other materials refer to 703.16 for requirements.

3. Method of Tests:

Physical Tests:

Moisture Density Test

Supplemental Specification 1015 (2002 C&MS)



ASTM D 4644-87 (Sandstone and Siltstone)