702.02 Cut Back Asphalt

702.03 Cut Back Asphalt Emulsion

702.04 Emulsified Asphalt

702.07 Asphalt Emulsion MWS

1. Specification:

Sections 702.02, 702.03 and 702.04 , and 702.07.

Appendix J - Policies and Instructions

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Acceptance for use of liquid asphalt material will be under one of the following plans: (Field)

Asphalt Material Certification:

Details of procedure are covered in S1032. Liquid asphalt material arriving at a project under this plan will be handled as follows:

Authorization for shipment under certification will be listed on ODOT's Intranet Approved Producer/Suppliers information.

Certification status of cut-back asphalt emulsions and asphalt emulsions shall lapse three weeks after date of shipment from the producer, except that when material is to be used for mulching (Item 659) it shall be considered certified for a period of one month after date of shipment from the producer. Materials which have lost certification status shall be sampled as per Subsection 2.2. and must be approved prior to use.

Verify that producer is authorized to make certified shipments. (CMS)

Obtain the Transport Truck Inspection Certification and record information from the shipping ticket. Both documents shall be retained at the delivery site.

A sample shall be obtained for each project which requires between 300 and 25,000 gallons. A sample is not required for projects which use less than 300 gallons. An additional sample shall be submitted to OMM for each additional 25,000 gallons of material used on the project. No sample shall be taken for 702.02 cut-back asphalt.

All samples shall be obtained from transports at the destination, unless shipment arrives during non- working hours, then the sample may be obtained from the storage tank.

Submit TE-30 for each grade or type of certified liquid asphalt material incorporated into the project. List all shipments received. Note that the material has been accepted by pre-qualified list and include the date of the list.


If documentation cannot be verified under either the Asphalt Material Certification plan, liquid asphalt Material must be approved before use. Sample at destination following the procedure outlined below.

Field Sampling Procedure:

The sample is to be taken from the sampling valve or tap provided on the tank truck or distributor.

At least one gallon of material must be drawn from sampling valve or tap and discarded prior to obtaining a one-quart sample. The sample shall be shipped to the OMM Asphalt Materials Section through the District Laboratory in an approved container from sample containers list.

When necessary, the sample shall be wiped clean with a clean dry rag or paper.

Samples shall be accompanied by a TE-31.

3. Methods of Test:

(OMM Asphalt Materials Section)

702.02 AASHTO M 81 and M 82; 702.04 AASHTO M 140 and M 208

702.07 AASHTO T59