702.13 Rubberized Asphalt Emulsion

702.16 Polymer Emulsified Binder

1. Specification:

Section 702.16 C&MS,  Appendix J  Policies and Instructions

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Acceptance for use of liquid asphalt material will be under the following acceptance plan: (Field)

Asphalt Material Certification:

Details of this procedure are covered in S1032. Asphalt binder arriving at a project under this plan will be handled as follows:

Verify that the producer is authorized to make certified shipments. Authorization for shipment under certification procedure will be listed in Producer/Suppliers information in CMS and on the Intranet Approved List.

Obtain the Transport Truck Inspection Certification and record information from shipping ticket. Both documents shall be retained at the asphalt concrete plant.

Take a minimum of one sample for each project.

Use asphalt material.


If documentation cannot be verified under either the Asphalt Material Certification plan, liquid asphalt Material must be approved before use. Sample at destination following the procedure outlined below.

Field Sampling Procedure:

The sample is to be taken from the sampling valve or tap provided on the tank truck or distributor.

At least one gallon of material must be drawn from sampling valve or tap and discarded prior to obtaining a one-quart sample. The sample shall be shipped to the OMM Asphalt Materials Section through the District Laboratory in an approved container from sample containers list.

When necessary, the sample  shall be wiped clean with a clean dry rag or paper.

Samples shall be accompanied by a TE-31.

3. Methods of Test:

See 702.16