706.04 Reinforced Concrete Elliptical Culvert, Storm Drain, and Sewer Pipe

1. Specification:

706.04 C&MS

S 1074


709.08, 709.10,709.11, 709.12

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Certified Plant Sampled and Tested Materials:

Sampling is not be required. Material is tested and accepted under certification program S 1074. The Certified Supplier list is on the OMM website @ http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/ConstructionMgt/Materials/Pages/default.aspx. Materials from non-certified suppliers will not be accepted.

Inspect pipe upon delivery to the project for dimensions and condition. Dimensions shall comply with the Table in Section 4 and Figure 1. A TE-24 shipping notice must be received with the material. If the material fulfills the requirements it may be used immediately.

If the material does not fulfill the requirements, then it shall be rejected. Send a copy of the TE-24 to the DET and notify OMM, Concrete Section. (Field)

Pipe shall be free of fractures and excessive surface roughness and individual sections may be rejected for the following:

Fractures or cracks passing through the walls or joints except for a single end crack that does not exceed the depth of the joint.

Defects that indicate imperfect proportioning, mixing and molding.

Surface defects indicating honey combed or open texture.

Damaged or cracked ends, where such damage would prevent making a satisfactory joint.

Any continuous cracks having a surface width of 0.01 in. (0.25 mm) or more and extending for a length of 12 in. (300 mm) or more regardless of position in the wall of the pipe.

Each pipe shall be clearly marked with the following information:

Pipe Class

Date of Manufacture

Name or Trademark of Manufacturer

Identification or Location of the Plant

Pipe with Quadrant Reinforcement Shall be Marked with the Symbol " Q."

Pipe made to the design requirements of Table One 706.04 C&MS shall be marked with the symbol "A" placed after the pipe class.

4. Addendum:

Fig. 1 Shape of Elliptical Pipe.