706.12 Resilient and Flexible Joints

1. Specification:

706.12 C&MS.

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Dimensioned sketches or drawings showing materials used and methods of joining pipe sections shall be furnished by the producer of either the pipe or the joint manufacturer at the time of delivery. All joint material shall be inspected after delivery to the project for dimensions and condition for the size and class of pipe delivered (Field)

Sealing elements may be bonded to bearing surfaces or may be independent elements.

Sealing elements shall be rejected where inspection indicates the sealing element does not perform in accordance with the description or conform to the dimensions furnished by the manufacturer of either the pipe or joint manufacturer.

Qualified Product List (QPL)

Only material that is approved as a Qualified Product may be used. To verify, refer to Qualified Product List (QPL) on the OMM website http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/ConstructionMgt/Materials/Pages/QPL.aspx

No sample is required.

3. Methods of Tests: