710.01, 710.02 Barbed Wire, Woven Steel Wire Fence Fabric Type 47

1. Specification:

710.01, 710.02 C&MS.

Certification - Supplement 1067

Fence materials and associated fence components shall be produced by a certified plant as per Supplement 1067. A list of certified suppliers and the material they produce is available at the OMM website


Producer/suppliers will direct ship fencing materials to ODOT projects. A TE-24 Shipping Notice must be received with the shipment. A bill of lading defining the components incorporated into the construction material item shall accompany the TE-24. If a TE-24 is not received, the material shall be rejected as not coming from a certified supplier.

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

All Barbed Wire and Type 47 Woven Steel Wire Fence material shall be inspected after delivery to the project for dimensions, markings and condition. Dimensions shall comply with the requirements of the Tables in section 4 Addendum. (Field)

General Requirements:

Barbed wire:

Strands shall be uniformly twisted and the barb shall be sharp, well formed, tightly wrapped and accurately spaced. Splicing of individual barbed strand wires by means of a wrap joint or an electric butt weld is permitted. Not more than 3 splices or joints shall exist in any 80 rod spool of barbed wire. Such splices shall be made in a workmanlike manner. Each spool of barbed wire shall be compactly wound and fastened.

Each spool shall be legibly marked with the style of barbed wire, class of coating, length, ASTM A 121 and name or mark of the manufacturer.

Woven Steel Wire Fence:

Fencing shall have uniformly wrapped joints. All stay wires shall be properly spaced and substantially perpendicular to the line wires. Splicing of individual line wires of woven steel wire fence by means of a wrap joint or an electric butt weld is permitted. The maximum number of line wire splices or joints shall not exceed of the number of line wires in any 20 rod roll of fence. Such splices or joints shall be made in a workmanlike manner. 4Each roll of wire fencing shall be tightly rolled and tied.

Each roll shall carry a tag showing the style of fence, the length of fencing in the roll, class of coating, ASTM A 116, and the name or mark of the manufacturer.

Certification of a fencing product does not eliminate the project Engineer''s authority to inspect and reject any, or all, certified fencing products delivered to the job site with excessive defects, damage or that do not meet specifications. Report incorrect materials or documentation to OMM.

3. Methods of Tests:


ASTM A 90, A 116, A 121. (OMM)

4. Addendum


Strand Wires - #12 Steel Wire Gage 0.099" Nom.

Barbs, 4 point round - #14 Steel Wire Gage 0.080" Nom.

Barb spacing - 5 in.

Permissible Variations:

Diameter, strand & barb - 0.005 in.

Barb spacing - average over 25' shall not exceed nominal and no individual greater than 3/4 in.

Woven Steel Wire Fence Sampled Practice Recommendation R 9-47, Design Requirements:

Item Design Number 1047-6-9
Number of horizontal wires 10
Fence Height, inches 47
Spacing of vertical stay wires 6
Size coated, steel wire gage, in inches, nominal:
Intermediate and line - #9 gage 0.148" diameter
Stay wires - #9 gage 0.148" diameter
Top and bottom wires - #9 gage 0.148" diameter

Permissible variation in diameter of coated wires 0.005".

Coatings are galvanizing and aluminum coated. If there is a question about coating sample and submit to OMM.