710.03 Chain-Link Fence

1. Specification:

710.03 C&MS.

Certification - Supplement 1067

Fence materials and associated fence components shall be produced by a certified plant as per Supplement 1067. A list of certified suppliers and the material they produce is available at the OMM website


 (Refer to Certified Suppliers).

Producer/suppliers will direct ship fencing materials to ODOT projects. A TE-24 Shipping Notice must be received with the shipment. A bill of lading defining the components incorporated into the construction material item shall accompany the TE-24. If a TE-24 is not received, the material shall be rejected as not coming from a certified supplier.

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Fence fabric, posts, truss rods, base rail, top rail, bolts, nuts and all other miscellaneous hardware necessary for the erection of the fence shall be inspected after they are delivered to the project for dimensions, coating, markings and condition. (Field)

Zinc coated steel fabric may be used on an aluminum mounting system. Aluminum fabric may be used on a steel mounting system. Vinyl fabric may be used on either steel or aluminum mounting system.

All items shall have a workmanlike finish and all coated items shall meet the respective requirements of the type of coating specified. Dimensions shall be checked against the requirements of the Plans or Proposal. Items not covered in the standard drawings shall be checked against the requirements of Item 710.03 and the Addendum. All fabric shall have 0.148" nominal diameter coated wire, 2-inch mesh.

Certification of a fencing product does not eliminate the project Engineer''s authority to inspect and reject any, or all, certified fencing products delivered to the job site with excessive defects, damage or that do not meet specifications. Report incorrect materials or documentation to OMM.

Chain Link Fence Fabric:

Each roll of fabric shall carry a tag showing the length, the kind of base metal, the kind of coating, the nominal size of wire, the nominal size of mesh, height of fabric, the name or mark of manufacturer or fabricator.

Each bundle or container of posts, wire and other fittings shall be identified with the name or mark of the manufacturer, type of material, (steel, cast- iron, aluminum-alloy number, etc.) And any additional data required for proper identification or to determine specified quality requirements.

Fence, fabric, posts, hardware and fittings failing to meet the above requirements shall be rejected.

3. Methods of Tests:


AASHTO M 181, M 111, M 232, T 65, T 213, ASTM B 241, B 221 and D 1499 (OMM)

4. Addendum:

Dimensions for steel galvanized fence posts and top rails are in CMS 710.03. If aluminum is specified see the table below

Schedule 40 Aluminum Alloy Seamless fence post and top rail Pipe ASTM B 241, Alloy 6063T6 or ASTM B 222 Alloy 6063T6:

Outside Diameter Wall Thick In. Wt. per Ft. Lb.
Nom. Size Min. Size In. Max. Size In. Max. Min. Nom. Max.
1 1.629 1.675 - 0.122 0.786 0.849
1 1.869 1.916 - 0.127 0.940 1.015
2 2.351 2.399 - 0.135 1.264 1.365
2 2.846 2.904 - 0.178 2.004 2.164
3 3.960 4.040 - 0.198 3.151 3.403
6 6.559 6.691 - 0.245 6.564 7.089
8 8.539 8.711 - 0.282 9.878 10.67

Miscellaneous Aluminum Alloy Fittings and Accessories

Nomenclature Type of Material Alloy & Temper ASTM Designation
Rails and brace ends, post tops and turnbuckles Castings SG70A-T6,ZC81A-T5,SG-100a, SG100b, S12b, SG-70A-T6 B-26

B 85

B 85,B 108

Gate hinges, barbed wire ex-Tension arms, and other fittings Castings Same as above  
Stretcher bars and bands

Truss or brace rods

Bar 6063-T6


B 221

B 221

Flat band ties Sheet 3003-H14 B 209
Bolts Wire 2024-T4 B 211
Nuts Wire 6061-T6 B 211

Diameter of coated wire shall be .148"; based on the average of 2 readings taken at right angles to each other on the straight portion. Permissible variation nominal 0.005 in.

Size of mesh is measured by the minimum clear distance between the parallel sides of the mesh. Permissible variation 1/8 in.

Vinyl coating: Extruded vinyl nominal thickness 0.020 in. 0.003 in Bonded vinyl nominal thickness 0.007 in. - 0.001 + 0.002 in.