725.08 Portland Concrete Pull Boxes

1. Specifications:

725.08 C&MS.

Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

All pull boxes and covers shall be inspected after delivery to the project for dimensions, condition, markings and manufacturing requirements. Dimensions, markings and manufacturing requirements shall be checked for compliance with the applicable specifications. (Field)

Concrete Pull Boxes:

Concrete pull boxes shall be manufactured by a certified producer per Supplement 1073. A list of certified suppliers is available at the OMM website


 If a TE-24 Shipping Notice is not received with the material, materials shall be rejected as not coming from a certified supplier.

No sample is required.

3. Method of Tests:

(OMM Cement and Concrete Section)

Concrete strength - AASHTO T 33.

Air content of hardened concrete - Standard Recommended Practice ASTM C457 Modified Point Method.