725.19 Power Service Components

1. Specifications:

725.19 C&MS

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Customer Service Poles:

Certification - Supplement 1072

Wood poles shall be produced by a certified plant as per Supplement 1072. A list of certified suppliers and the material they produce is available at the OMM website



Producer/suppliers will direct ship wood pole materials to ODOT projects. A TE-24 Shipping Notice must be received with the shipment. If a TE-24 is not received, the material shall be rejected as not coming from a certified supplier.

Power service components are accepted by under contractor certification as described in the 2005 Handbook of Procedures for Contractor certification of lighting, signing and traffic signals. This Handbook can be found on the Office of Materials Management website at



Materials shall be inspected upon receipt of shipment for condition and conformance to plan requirements. Inspection shall be documented by a TE-30 Field Inspection Report. Materials found to be in agreement with the approved documents may be used. Materials received without approved documents and certifications or found to be in unsatisfactory condition shall not be accepted. (Field)

3. Method of Test:

Various - See CMS specifications