Manual Layout Style

Sampling and testing procedures consist of a separate listing by specification number or by name in the following format:

Section (1) Specification: This section shows what specifications are applicable to that particular material.

Section (2) Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements: This section instructs personnel when and how a sample is to be taken, and the quantities to be represented by each sample. Field inspection requirements, including method of documentation of the inspection, are also given in this section.

Section (3) Method of Test: All methods necessary for testing the sample are listed either by number of standard test procedure or by a detailed method of test where standard procedures are not available.

Section (4) Addendum: Where necessary, an addendum follows the procedure, as an aid to the sampling and/or inspection of the items. The procedures are accompanied by various appendices pertinent to sampling and testing.

It is intended that the procedures, addenda and appendices contained in the Manual are to be used as a tool in the proper handling of materials. Any questions concerning the contents of the manual should be made, through the District engineer of Tests, to the appropriate section of the Office of Materials Management. Refer to Appendix {F}.