712.03 Sodium Chloride

1. Specification:

712.03 C&MS, ASTM D 632, Type I, Grade 1 with exception.

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Material shall be inspected upon delivery to determine whether it is free-flowing and in usable condition. Material not conforming to the inspection requirements shall be rejected. Refer to the 712.03 Addendum for further requirements. (Field)

Obtain one sample for each 3000 tons (3000t), or fraction thereof, for each Purchase Order or Project.

Not less than three sample increments shall be selected at random from the lot by means of a shovel or sampling tube.

When using a shovel, each increment shall be obtained by scraping aside the top layer of material to a depth of 1 inch before taking a 1 lb. (450 g) quantity of sodium chloride to a depth of at least 6 in. (150 mm).

When sampling by means of a sampling tube, the tube shall be inserted into the material perpendicular to the surface and to the full depth of the tube.

The sample increments shall be thoroughly mixed to constitute a composite sample representative of the lot. Samples shall be split into two parts and submitted to the District Testing Laboratory. (Field)

Samples shall be tested for gradation and water content required in the addendum. (District)

Purchase order material not meeting gradation or water content requirements and construction material not meeting gradation requirements shall be rejected and will require no further testing.

If quantity represented by sample is less than 3000 tons (3000t), no further testing is necessary. First sample for each purchase order shall be sent to OMM, additional samples shall be tested at District.

If quantity represented by sample is not less than 3000 tons (3000t), a portion of the sample shall be submitted to the OMM Chemical Section in a 1-pint friction top can supplied by the Department.

Material may not be used until approval is received.

Samples submitted to the OMM shall be accompanied by a TE-31.

3. Methods of Test:


Gradation and Water Content: ASTM D 632, D 2216

ASTM D 632, Section 9.1.1 Routine Control--Use of the "Rapid Method" in Annex A1 is permitted for routine control and approval.

4. Addendum:

Requirements for Sodium Chloride:

Specific requirements for handling of sodium chloride are contained in Invitation for Bids No. 18 for the current fiscal year.

Gradation of material shall conform with the following:

Sieve Size Percent Passing
in. 100
3/8 in. 95 to 100
No. 4 20 to 90
No. 8 10 to 60
No. 30 0 to 15

Sodium chloride shall not contain free water, foreign matter, aggregate, or clumps when delivered.

Moisture content for Purchase Order material shall not be in excess of 2.00%.Price deductions applied by standard operating procedure Ops-105.

Total chlorides shall not be less than 96.5%.