740.03 Polyester Pavement Marking


1. Specification:

Item 740.03 C&MS, polyester and NTPEP Selected polyester

For glass beads see 740.09.B


Supplements 1047 and 1089


2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:




All paints intended for the Project or Purchase Order shall be inspected upon delivery. Containers shall be clearly marked to indicate the number of gallons [liters], specification number, color, batch number, code number, with manufacturer's name and location.


All polyester pavement marking material must be on the approved list on the OMM web site http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/ConstructionMgt/Materials/Pages/default.aspx.


Paint is shipped with a TE-24.


Paint shall be capable of being broken up by mixing to a smooth, uniform consistency and shall not liver, thicken, curdle, gel, or hard settle nor show any other objectionable properties in a mixed, freshly opened container.


If the material fulfills the requirements and was shipped with a TE-24 it may be used immediately. If the material does not fulfill the requirements then it shall be rejected. 

Materials delivered without a proper TE-24 will mean the materials are unidentifiable and are to be sampled conforming to Supplement 1089 procedures, including number of samples and documentation.  Approval of unidentifiable materials will be based on Laboratory testing of field samples submitted for each batch of traffic marking materials. 


Polyester Pavement Marking Procedure


1. Check the Approved List to see the polyester paint to be sampled is listed on the Approved List

2. Have the contractor load the application equipment.

3. Put on leather work gloves and eye protection.

4. Have the contractor start the paint gun and let run for ten seconds. Do not start the catalyst gun.

5. Have the contractor shut off pressure.

6. Place a clean one quart (4.75"x4.25") wide mouth metal can under the polyester

paint gun and fill the can completely.

a.              Always fill the can completely as air in the can could affect the sample.


7. Remove the can. Tap the lid securely on with a hammer. Seal the lid with duct or packing tape.

8. Take a second sample following the above procedures 6 and 7.

9. Tape a TE-31 tag on the quart container with the following information;

Paint producer

Paint specification [i.e. 740.02]

Paint brand name and manufacturerís ID [see the Approved List]

Paint batch number

Date of manufacture

Shelf life

Project number and year

ODOT Sample number

Date sampled

10. Immediately ship one sample to Central Laboratory, Chemical Section.

11. Give the other sample to the contractor.


3. Methods of Test:

Supplements 1047, 1089
Federal Test Method Standard No. 141,
ASTM Special Technical Publication 500,
NTPEP Laboratory Evaluations.