740.08 Heat Fused Preformed Plastic Pavement Marking Material

1. Specification:

740.08, NTPEP selected materials

740.09 Glass Beads

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:


Materials intended for the Project or Purchase Order shall be inspected upon delivery.

All Heat fused preformed plastic pavement marking material; Type A and B must be on the approved list on the OMM web site: http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/ConstructionMgt/Materials/Approved-List/Pages/default.aspx.

Material not so listed must be rejected and removed from the project site.

(Field) Container markings shall be clearly legible, marked by stencil or stamp to indicate the dimensions, specification number, color, batch number, code number, with manufacturer's name and location. Markings missing, altered or placed by hand shall be cause for rejection.

Containers shall be made of material which does not contaminate the contents, and shall protect the contents from environmental contamination. Damaged containers shall be rejected.

Type A90 and B90 - 90 mil thickness (2.29 mm)

Type A125 - 125 mil thickness (3.18 mm)

Type B125 - 125 mil thickness (3.18 mm)

If the material fulfills the requirements it may be used immediately. If the material does not fulfill the requirements, it shall be rejected.

Material accepted on the basis of the product/brand name.

3. Methods of Test:

Supplement 1047