740.09 Glass Beads

1. Specification:

740.09 C&MS.

Type A for traffic paint - AASHTO M 247

Type B for polyester traffic paint - AASHTO M 247

Type C for thermoplastic

Type D for epoxy pavement marking - Epoxy, Size I Epoxy, Size II

Special, not meeting the above specifications

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Materials intended for the project or purchase order shall be inspected upon delivery. (Field)

Glass beads shall be furnished in 50lb (22.68kg) moisture proofed bags consisting of a multi walled sack made of wet strength kraft paper with a moisture proof plastic wall and securely closed.

Containers are to be guaranteed to furnish dry and undamaged beads.

Each package shall contain the following information:

Name and address of manufacturer,

Shipping point

Trademark or name

The wording "glass beads"

Number of pounds or kilograms

The lot or batch number

The month and year of manufacture

Markings altered or placed by hand shall be cause for rejection

Damaged bags, clumped or contaminated beads shall be rejected.

Plant Sampled and Tested Material

Glass beads are sampled and tested under the Plant Sampling and Testing Plan, Appendix "E".

(OMM Chemical Section)

A TE-24 Shipping Notice must be received with the material. If the material fulfills the requirements it may be used immediately. If the material does not fulfill the requirements, then it shall either be rejected. (Field)

3. Method of Test:

AASHTO A247, Type l