Procedures for Materials Not Listed in the Manual

Those items not in this manual and the miscellaneous items in the C&MS will generally be handled as follows:

Any item received on a project should be inspected for condition, quantity, and determination of whether the item even meets any specific plan requirements.

Inspection should be documented on a TE-30 Electronic Field Inspection Report. For hard copy forms, refer to the OMM website for report forms.

If the material received is accompanied by a TE-24 Shipping Notice, the materials should be inspected and if correct, accepted. If the material appears to be in error or the documentation is questionable, even though listed on the TE-24, do not use the material. Contact your DET.

Refer to Appendix "E", Plant Sampling and Testing Plan to understand the details of the TE-24 procedure or access the Office of Materials Management's website

Transferring Approved Materials from Project to Project

Approved material transferred from one project to another must be accompanied by a TE-30, Field Inspection Report, either electronic or hard copy. Form M-1 is available for download at OMM''s website . Materials transferred from one project to another are available for immediate use, subject only to the field inspections.