709.05 Axle Steel Deformed and Plain Bars for Concrete Reinforcement

1. Specification:

709.01, 709.03 and 709.05 C&MS.

S 1068

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

All reinforcing steel shall be inspected after delivery to the project for size, fabrication markings and condition. Plain and Deformed bars shall comply with dimensions shown in the section 4 Addendum. Fabrication details shall be checked against the requirements of the plans. (Field)


The bars shall be free of injurious defects and shall have a workman-like finish.

Rust, seams, surface irregularities or mill scale shall not be cause for rejection, providing the weight, dimensions, cross sectional area, and tensile properties of a hand wire brushed test specimen are not less than the requirements of this specification.


Each producer shall identify to the Office of Materials Management the symbols of his marking system. All deformed bars shall have the markings legibly rolled into the surface of one side of the bar.

709.01 Billet bars, 709.03 Rail-steel bars and 709.05 Axle steel bars loaded for mill shipment shall be separated by size and heat identification and tagged with the manufacturer's heat or test identification numbers.

Grade 60 bars shall have either the number 60 or a single continuous longitudinal line through at least 5 deformation spaces, offset from the center of the bar, to designate Grade 60 bars.

Plain round bars shall be tagged for grade.


Supplement 1068 defines certification requirements for acceptance of reinforcing steel, welded wire mesh, dowel bars and mechanical reinforcing steel splice (RWWS) materials meeting ODOT specifications, 509.08 and 709.00 through 709.14.

The Department will only accept products from Manufacturers certified under this supplement.

For a list of certified suppliers visit the OMM website at http://www.dot.state.oh.us/testlab/

The manufacturer will ship products using the Department's Virtual Warehouse (TE-24) system. When shipping RWWS materials, the Manufacturer will include a Bill of Lading with the Shipping Notice. Report to OMM any missing documentation and the company who shipped the materials.

No sample is required. The project may sample any materials they question. Provide sample and copy of documentation to laboratory.

3. Methods of Tests:


ASTM A 370, A 615, A 996

4. Addendum:

Bar Designation No. Nominal Weight Lb/Ft Diameter In. Cross-Sectional Area. In.
3 0.376 0.375 0.11
4 0.668 0.500 0.20
5 1.043 0.625 0.31
6 1.502 0.750 0.44
7 2.044 0.875 0.60
8 2.670 1.000 0.79
9 3.400 1.128 1.00
10 4.303 1.270 1.27
11 5.313 1.410 1.56
14 7.65 1.693 2.25
18 13.60 2.257 4.00

6% weight tolerance is permitted. (Mill only)