709.09 Fabricated Steel Bar or Rod Mats for Concrete Reinforcement

1. Specification:

709.09 C&MS.

S 1068

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

All bar mats shall be inspected after delivery to the project for dimensions, bar size and condition. (Field)

Dimensions shall be checked against the requirements for the pertinent standard drawing BP-2 and BP-8,. or the plan requirements if different than the standard drawings.

Fabricated mats shall be composed of two layers of bars substantially parallel and perpendicular to each other. Mats shall be fabricated in a manner that assures against appreciable dislodgement of the members during handling, shipping, placing and concreting. Mats shall be assembled by means of welding or clipping to provide attachment at intersections.


All bars shall be deformed.

Welded bar mats:

Longitudinal bars shall conform to 709.01 Grade 60, transverse bars shall conform to 709.01. Refer to these sections in this Manual for inspection procedure.

Clip bar mats.

Longitudinal bars shall conform to Grade 60, 709.01, 709.03 or 709.05. See the appropriate Sections in this Manual for inspection procedures.


Welds at intersections shall be made in a workmanlike manner and shall provide attachment at all exterior intersections and at not less than alternate interior intersections.

Welds shall not undercut the reinforcing steel [leave deep notches along the edge of the weld into the reinforcing]

The separation of 5% or less of all welded intersections of any mat shall not be cause for rejection provided that no more than one-half of the welded intersections on any one bar are separated.


Clips for clipped mats shall be formed mechanically prior to or during fabrication in the assembly of the mats. They shall engage and attach both bars at every intersection in a manner that separation by normal handling is prevented and the assembly conforms to the requirements specified for physical tests of attachment at intersections.


Supplement 1068 defines certification requirements for acceptance of reinforcing steel, welded wire mesh, dowel bars and mechanical reinforcing steel splice (RWWS) materials meeting ODOT specifications, 509.08 and 709.00 through 709.14.

The Department will only accept products from Manufacturers certified under this supplement.

For a list of certified suppliers visit the OMM website at http://www.dot.state.oh.us/testlab/

The manufacturer will ship products using the Department's Virtual Warehouse (TE-24) system. When shipping RWWS materials, the Manufacturer will include a Bill of Lading with the Shipping Notice. Report to OMM any missing documentation and the company who shipped the materials.

No sample is required. The project may sample any materials they question. Provide sample and copy of documentation to laboratory.

3. Methods of Tests:


ASTM A 615, A996, A 184