709.13 Coated Dowel Bars

1. Specifications:

709.13 C&MS

S 1068

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Inspect material delivered to the site for dimensions and condition. Coating shall be free from contamination, perforations, cracks and holidays. Free ends of the dowels shall be saw cut and free of burrs. Sawed ends not coated at the source shall be coated on site with material equivalent to the original epoxy coating prior to incorporating into the project. No corrosion shall be apparent. (Field)


Supplement 1068 defines certification requirements for acceptance of reinforcing steel, welded wire mesh, dowel bars and mechanical reinforcing steel splice (RWWS) materials meeting ODOT specifications, 509.08 and 709.00 through 709.14.

The Department will only accept products from Manufacturers certified under this supplement.

For a list of certified producers visit the OMM website at http://www.dot.state.oh.us/testlab/

The manufacturer will ship products using the Department's Virtual Warehouse (TE-24) system. When shipping RWWS materials, the Manufacturer will include a Bill of Lading with the Shipping Notice.

No sample is required.

3. Methods of Test: