707.03 Structural Plate Corrugated Steel Structures

1. Specifications:

707.03 C&MS.

S 1019

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

All plates and/or hardware shall be inspected after delivery to the project for size, condition, coating, workmanship, gauge and quantity. Plate thickness and coating shall be checked against the Table in the Section 4 Addendum. Hardware items shall be inspected for conformance with the requirements of the Addendum. Fabrication requirements shall be checked in accordance with the Addendum.(Field)

Individual pieces may be rejected for the following items of faulty workmanship:

Ragged or diagonal sheared edges

Illegible brand

Improper coating

Dents or bends in the metal

Improperly aligned bolt holes

Coating peeling and flaking

Each plate will have:

Name of Fabricator

specified zinc coating thickness -

Heat number

Coating lot number

AASHTO specification number [M167]

Supplement 1019 requires manufacturer's erection/construction drawings be supplied.

Certification Program

Metal Pipe certified in accordance with Supplement 1019: for a list of manufacturers conforming with this supplement's requirements visit OMM website at


Certified materials will be shipped using the TE-24 electronic documentation system. A bill of lading defining individual components incorporated in the construction item shall accompany the shipment in addition to a copy of the TE-24.

No samples are required of materials delivered to the project site. Random samples may be obtained by ODOT/OMM Quality Assurance Inspectors at the discretion of the Office of Materials Management (OMM).

3. Method of Test:



4. Addendum:

707.03 Table - Thickness Tolerances and Coating Requirements:

Specified Thickness Minimum Thickness for Zinc Coated Pieces (1) Minimum Check Limit

Single Specimen (2)

Inches (mm) Inches (mm) Oz/Ft.2 g/m2
.111 (2.81) .099 (2.51) 2.7 (820)
.140 (3.56) .128 (3.25) 2.7 (820)
.170 (4.32) .158 (4.01) 2.7 (820)
.188 (4.78) .176 (4.47) 2.7 (820)
.218 (5.54) .206 (5.23) 2.7 (820)
.249 (6.32) .237 (6.02) 2.7 (820)
.280 (7.11) .269 (6.81) 2.7 (820)

(2) minimum coating weight for both sides. Average to be 3 Oz/ft2 (910 g/m2 ) total both sides

Bolt Holes

The bolt holes shall be punched so that all plates having like dimensions, curvature, and same number of bolts per foot of seam shall be interchangeable.

The design plans should specify the number of bolts per foot for the longitudinal seam along with the bolt size.

The diameter of the bolt holes in the longitudinal seams, except those at the plate corners, shall not exceed the bolt diameter by more than 1/8" (3 mm). Holes at plates corners or longitudinal seams may either be 1/4" (6 mm) larger than the nominal bolt diameter or a slot 1/8" (3 mm) x 3/8" (10 mm) larger than the bolt's nominal diameter.

Holes shall be provided as required, for connecting the head wall anchors, bearings and miscellaneous attachments. Spacing of anchorage bolts will not be greater than 2 feet (.60 m).

Special Plates

Plates for forming skewed ends, beveled ends or Deflections of structures shall be accurately cut to fit the order plans. Cut edges of plates shall be free from notches, gouges, oxide or burrs and shall present a workmanlike finish. Legible identification shall be placed on each part plate to designate its proper position in the finished structure and referenced to the approved erection drawings.


Assembly Bolts

All bolts shall be a minimum 3/4-inch (19 mm) in diameter meeting ASTM F568. Nuts shall conform to ASTM A 563, Grade C. Except as provided elsewhere in this section, bolt and nut dimensions shall conform to the current requirements of The American National Standard Institute B 18.2.1 for heavy hex bolts and B 18.2.2 for heavy hex nuts with the exception that the bearing surface of both bolts and nuts shall be symmetrically shaped to a one-inch (25.4 mm) radius spherical surface. Bolts lengths shall be such as to result in at least "full nuts" when tightened in place. There shall be at least four bolts per foot (305 mm) of longitudinal seam or as specified in the design plans.

Other fasteners which meet the chemical and mechanical requirements of ASTM F568 and which have body diameter and bearing areas under the head and nut not less than those provided by the bolt and nut described above and which provide a comparable fit with the corrugations may be used.

Head-wall Anchorage-Bolt material shall conform to ASTM A 307. Bolts shall have a nominal 3/4 inch (19 mm) thread. Nuts shall conform to ASTM designation A 563, Grade C.

All fasteners shall be galvanized to meet 711.02.

Average thickness is 1.25 oz/ft2 [2.1 mils] with no reading below 1.00 oz/ft2 [1.7 mils]