707.04 Precoated, Galvanized Steel Culverts

1. Specifications:

707.04 C&MS.

S 1019

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

All pipe and coupling bands shall be inspected after delivery to the project for condition, coating, workmanship and quantity. Dimensions shall be checked against the pertinent Table of the 707.01 or 707.02 Addendum. Seam fabrication requirements shall be checked in accordance with this Addendum. (Field)

Markings may not be visible due to being covered by coating.

Individual pieces may be rejected for the following items of faulty workmanship:

Uneven laps

Elliptical shaping

Variation from straight centerline

Ragged or diagonal sheared edges

Loose, unevenly lined or spaced rivets or spot welds

Poorly formed rivet heads or improperly constructed lock seams

Improperly cut or badly burred ends

Lack of rigidity

Improper coating: polymeric coating to be 10 mils on both surfaces of the pipe

Dents or bends in the metal

Certification Program:

Metal Pipe certified in accordance with Supplement 1019: for a list of manufacturers conforming with this supplement's requirements visit OMM website at


Certified materials will be shipped using the TE-24 electronic documentation system. A bill of lading defining individual components incorporated in the construction item shall accompany the shipment in addition to a copy of the TE-24.

No samples are required of materials delivered to the project site. Random samples may be obtained by ODOT/OMM Quality Assurance Inspectors at the discretion of the Office of Materials Management (OMM).

3. Methods of Tests:


AASHTO T 65, T 213: ASTM A90, A 370. D543, D648, D1005

4. Addendum:

Refer to Section 4 Items 701.01 and 701.02