707.15 Corrugated Steel Box Culverts

1. Specifications:

707.15 C&MS.

S 1019

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

All steel box culvert materials shall be inspected after delivery to the project for condition, coating, workmanship and quantity. Box dimensions, plate thickness, zinc coating, and fabrication requirements shall be reviewed for compliance with approved shop drawings. Assembly drawings shall be furnished by the manufacturer. Bolts and nuts shall be inspected for conformance with the requirements of the Section 4 Addendum of 707.03 (Field)

Individual pieces may be rejected for the following items of faulty workmanship:

Ragged or diagonal sheared edges

Improper coating

Dents or bends in the metal

Improperly aligned bolt holes

Coating peeling and flaking

Illegible markings on each plate (excluding stiffeners) including:

ASTM designation

Name of fabricator

Specified zinc-coated plate thickness

Specified coating weight [mass],

Identification showing heat number and coating lot number.

The heat number is not required if the fabricator's records tie the coating lot number to a specific heat number and manufacturer.

Certification Program:

Metal Pipe certified in accordance with Supplement 1019: for a list of manufacturers conforming with this supplement's requirements visit OMM website at


Certified materials will be shipped using the TE-24 electronic documentation system. A bill of lading defining individual components incorporated in the construction item shall accompany the shipment in addition to a copy of the TE-24.

No samples are required of materials delivered to the project site. Random samples may be obtained by ODOT/OMM Quality Assurance Inspectors at the discretion of the Office of Materials Management (OMM).

3. Method of Test:


AASHTO T 65: ASTM A90 A761. (OMM)


4. Addendum:

Corrugations 6" x 2" (150 x 50) 15 x 5 " (380 x 140)
Rows of bolts for longitudinal seams 2 3
max spacing of rows 2" (50) 3" (75)
Rows of bolts for circumferential seam 1 1
Spacing of bolts in a row - max 10" (250) 16" (400)
Arch anchorage [connection to base]    
Number of rows 1 1
Bolt spacing in rows - max 24" (600) 15" (380)

Coating thickness (plates) Average 3.0 oz/ft2 (5.1 mils) - total both sides

Minimum 2.7 oz/ft2 (4.6 mils) - total both sides

Coating thickness fasteners See 707.03

Bolt hole sizes acceptable See 707.03