707.32 Corrugated Polyethylene Drainage Pipe

1. Specification:

707.32 C&MS

S 1066

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Inspect material delivered to the site for dimensions and condition. The nominal inside diameter shall be 12 to 48 inches. The pipe shall be free from visible defects. It shall not exhibit cracking or splitting. Pipe damaged by crushing or stretching shall not be used. (Field)

The pipe shall be marked at least every 10 feet. Markings shall include manufacturer's name, nominal size, AASHTO M 294, plant designation, and date of manufacturer. Fittings shall be marked AASHTO M 294 and manufacturer.

This pipe is M294, Type C. Type C is single wall corrugated.


Supplement 1066 defines certification requirements for acceptance of polyethylene pipe products. The Department will only accept products from Manufacturers certified under this supplement.

For a list of certified producers visit the OMM website at


The manufacturer will ship products using the Department's Virtual Warehouse (TE-24) system. When shipping HDPE materials, the Manufacturer will include a Bill of Lading defining the components being provided under the TE-24 certification with the Shipping Notice.

No sample is required.

3. Methods of Test:


AASHTO Method M 294 Type C

4. Addendum:

See 707.33