SS 812 Grout Subsealing of Existing Concrete Pavement

1. Specification:

Supplemental Specification 812

2. Materials:

Fly Ash - 701.13

Cement - 701

Chemical Admixture, Type F - 705.12

3. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

The mix design should be comprised of the following proportions:

94 lbs of Portland Cement (1 bag)

210 lbs Fly Ash (3 - 70 lb bags)

12 oz of Chemical Admixture to produce desired flow. An accelerating admixture can be added if the temperature is below 55 F.

The Contractor will provide equipment and perform tests. The Engineer will received tests results of 1,3 and 7 day compressive strengths, flow times, and initial set times. Time of efflux should be 16 to 25 seconds. 7 day compressive strength should not be less than 4000 psi (27.6 Mpa).

Height raised measurement should be within " of desired height.

4. Method of Tests: