SS 813 Correcting Elevation of Concrete Approach Slab and Pavement

1. Specification:

Supplemental Specification 813

2. Materials:

Cement conforms to item 701.

Slurry consists of: Portland Cement, fine sand or agricultural limestone, water and admixtures. Minimum compressive strength @ 7 days shall be 250 psi for 6 x 12 inch cylinders.

3. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Actual mix should be sampled to verify minimum 7 day strength. Two 6 x 12 inch cylinders will be made from the first pour to verify the strength. Cylinders will be cured for either 7 days or less if mix sets up. Samples to be submitted for OMM Concrete section for verification testing. (Field)

Inspection shall be documented by a TE-30 field Inspection Report.

4. Method of Tests:

ASTM C39, C31