SS 843 Patching Concrete Structures with Trowelable Mortar

1. Specification:

Supplemental Specification 843

2. Materials:

Materials are designed for different application positions; horizontal, vertical or overhead. Insure that the material is design for the position for which it is being applied. Use only qualified products.

Qualified Product List (QPL)

No sample is required. Only material that is approved as a Qualified Product may be used. To verify, refer to Qualified Product List (QPL) on the OMM website Suppliers who are interested in approval of their products should follow the requirements defined for this product on the list website.

3. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Visually inspect patches for cracking and sound patches by lightly tapping the area with a steel rod or hammer. Measure and replace unsound areas.

4. Method of Tests:


ASTM C109, C157, C882, C469