SS 848 Bridge Deck Repair and Overlay with Concrete Using Hydrodemolition

1. Specification:

Supplemental Specification 847

Supplemental Specification 848

2. Materials:

Materials shall conform to item 847.04 for Micro-Silica Modified Concrete, 847.05 for Latex Modified Concrete and 847.06 for Superdensified Concrete. Deleterious materials shall not exceed one half the requirements for super structure aggregate and the sodium sulfate soundness loss shall not exceed that specified for super structure concrete in C & MS item 703.02.

Only one brand of cement shall be used for each bridge deck overlay unless otherwise permitted by the Engineer.

3. Sampling and Inspection Requirements:

Insure that Latex emulsion ins protected from freezing and not exposed to temperatures exceeding 85 F for prolonged amounts of time. Latex Mobile mixers should be calibrated according to Item 847.08.

Test the air content, slump, yield and temperature of at least three loads or until values are consistently within specification requirements. Also perform air, slump, yield and temperature tests when cylinders are made; every 50 cubic yards of concrete or fraction there of.

4. Methods of Test:

ASTM C172, C31, C143, C231, C138