SS 852 Ultra Thin White-Topping Overlay with Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

1. Specification:

Supplemental Specification 852

2. Materials:

Curing Compound - 705.07, white pigmented

Class S Concrete with fibers - 852.04

Fibers - steel, 2" length, 0.899 mm diameter, 5715 aspect ratio, deformed, 120,000

psi strength

3. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Check ambient temperature and evaporation rate prior to placement. Within 24 hrs. of placing the overlay make sure that the surface is free of dust, laitance and contaminants.

Time elapsed between depositing concrete and finishing not to exceed 10 minutes.

Test air, slump, yield and temperature. Make 1 beam per day's production. Insure that 600 psi is obtained before removing cure and opening to traffic, if before 3 days.

4. Method of Tests:

Requirements shall conform to item 852.12.