711.02 Galvanized Steel

1. Specification:

711.02 C&MS.

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Galvanizing shall be inspected for uniformity of coating, good appearance, globules, dangerous sharp edges, blisters, flux spots, or inclusions, dross and acid or black spots. Thickness of galvanized coatings will meet the requirements of the addendum in section 4. (Field)

Galvanized Steel for Structures:

Structural steel is handled similarly to the material in 711.01, this Manual, with added galvanized coating. All galvanized items inspected by the OMM Structural Steel section that do not appear to be of quality should be checked by using a magnetic thickness gage. (Field)

Materials under the OMM Structural Steel Section shall be shipped with a TE-24.

Miscellaneous Galvanized Materials:

Material delivered is sampled and tested under the Plant Sampling and Testing Plan, Appendix "E". (OMM) A TE-24 Shipping Notice must be received with the miscellaneous material. (Field)

If the material fulfills the requirements it may be used immediately. If the material does not fulfill the requirements, then it shall be rejected.

If galvanized coating is the only acceptance issue, a certified coating letter and field verification checks of the galvanizing may be done by the field for acceptance. A sample is not required.

3. Methods of Tests:


ASTM A 123, E 376

4. Addendum:

Conversion of measured thickness.

Most galvanizing specifications, including 711.02, set minimum requirements based on weight of coating.

To convert field magnetic thickness gage readings to weight per area are multiply values are in mils by 0.59.

3.5 mils x .59 = 2.06 ounces per sq. ft.

ASTM A123 Coating Requirements.

Plate Material Thickness, In.

Coating Thickness Ounces per Sq. Ft. of Surface


Min. Specimen

1/8 and 3/16



1/4 and thicker