711.03 Steel for Sheet Piling

1. Specification:

711.03 C&MS.

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements.

Mill test data report shall accompany each shipment of permanent new sheet piling. Material delivered to the site shall be inspected for condition and dimensions. Dimensions shall comply with plan requirements. If the section modulus is specified, refer to the addendum in section 4 for dimensions. (Field)

For new permanent sheet piling, the mill test data report shall be evaluated to determine that material meets the tensile and chemical properties listed in the section 4 Addendum.

For used sheet piling, mill test data is not required. Used sheet piling in good condition which meets project requirements may be used if inspected and approved by the Engineer. Used sheet piling should not be accepted for permanent installations.

A TE-30 Field Inspection Report shall be completed following the inspection of each shipment of permanent sheet piling. For new sheet piling, the mill test data report shall be attached to the TE30.(Field)

Unless specifically requested, samples shall not be submitted.(Field)

3. Methods of Tests:


ASTM 328, if specifically requested. (OMM)

4. Addendum:

The following internet sites are recommended as a location to field section properties:

1. http://www.ispc.lu/

2. http://www.shorelinesteel.com/

3. http://www.nucoryamato.com/

Chemical Requirements:

Phosphorus .050 Maximum
Sulfur .060 Maximum

Tensile Requirements:

Tensile Strength, Ultimate 60,000 psi minimum
Yield Point 36,000 psi minimum
Elongation in 8" gage length 17% minimum