711.09 High Strength Steel Bolts, Nuts, and Washers

1. Specification:

711.09 C&MS

513.20 C&MS

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

All bolts, nuts and washers for this item shall be inspected after delivery to the project for markings, dimensions and condition. Dimensions shall comply with the addendum in section 4.(Field)

Bolts shall be heavy hex structural bolts ANSI B18.8.2.1. Nuts shall be heavy hex nuts ANSI B18.2.2. Bolts, nuts and washers shall be subject to rejection for failure to conform to any of the specification requirements. Individual bolts are rejected when they contain a burst on the flat of the head which extends into the top crown surface of the head, or under the head bearing surface. Misshaped bolts, nuts and washers shall also be rejected.

Markings shall be as shown in the 711.09 Addendum and 513.20 as further described as follows:


Bolts, Types 1, and 3 shall be marked A 325.

Bolts shall be marked with a symbol identifying the manufacturer.

Type 3 bolts shall have the a 325 under lined. The manufacturer may add other distinguishing marks indicating the bolt is a weathering type.

All markings shall be located on the top of the bolt head and may be either raised or depressed at the option of the manufacturer.


Non-galvanized nuts for use with Types 1 bolts are Grade 2 or 2H ASTM A 194 and Grades C, D or DH of ASTM A 563. These nuts are to be marked with 2, 2H, D, DH or have 3 circumferential lines120 deg. apart and the manufacturer's symbol.

Nuts for type 3 bolts shall be marked on one face with: a) 3 manufacturer's symbol; or b) DH3 and the manufacturer's symbol.

Markings may be raised or depressed at the option of the manufacturer, however, if markings are applied to the bearing surface, they shall be depressed.


All washers shall be marked with a symbol identifying the manufacturer.

Washers for use with Type 3 bolts shall be marked with the numeral 3.

Markings on top or bottom surface shall be depressed.


Bolts to be hot dipped galvanized must be Type 1.

Hot dip galvanized nuts shall be Grade DH of ASTM A 563 or Grade 2H of ASTM A 194.

All washers shall be quenched and tempered.

Galvanized nuts shall be tapped oversize, after coating, by the minimal diameter amounts specified in ASTM A 563.

Plant Sampled and Tested Materials:

Material is sampled and tested under the Plant Sampling and Testing Plan, Appendix "E". (OMM)

If the material fulfills the requirements it may be used immediately after performing field testing to assure lubricate and bolt, nut and washer combination meet supplement 1080.

If the material fails to meet supplement 1080 the application of a lubricant and retesting the bolt, nut and washer combination will generally bring acceptable friction results under 1080.

3. Method of Test:


ASTM A 325, S1080