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   Office Of Material Management
Precast Concrete Producers Certified in Accordance with Supplement 1073
 Date Last Updated: December 2, 2016
Precast concrete producers on this list are certified to produce items under ODOT 
706.05    Four-Sided Box Culverts
706.051  Three-Sided Flat Top Culverts
706.052  Three-Sided Arch Culverts
706.053  Three-Sided Round Culverts
706.13    Precast Manhole Risers,Catch Basins,Flat Slab & Inlet Tops, Portable Barrier 
706.15    Precast Outlets 
602.03-D Precast Headwalls (Note: Designs approved by OSE)
610        Cellular Retaining Walls
610        Non-Cellular Retaining Wall Block Material
SS 840    MSE Walls
NBS-1-09 Noise Walls
SS-835    Exfiltration Trenches
Precast Items:  Includes, but not limited to: Lagging, Wingwalls, Pull Boxes, Pier Caps, Outlets, Meter Boxes, Meter Vaults, Monuments, Picnic Tables, Junction Chambers, Interlocking or Cable Blocks, Erosion Blocks, Parking Blocks, Waste Receptacles
Certification of a precast product does not eliminate the project Engineer’s authority to inspect and reject any, or all, certified precast products delivered to the jobsite with excessive defects, damage or that do not meet specifications.
Precast Producers Bulletin:
How to Submit Questions
Company Information​ Date Certified Material Description Pre-approved Designs
Advance Concrete Products ​07/02/02 ​3 Sided Box Culverts
975 N Milford Rd​ ​3 Sided Arch Culverts
PO Box 549​ ​Precast Items
Highland, MI 48357​
PS Code 06721-01​
Armtec 12/01/05​ Noise Walls​
51 Arthur St​
Mitchell, Ontario
Canada N0K 1N0​
PS Code 06831-01​​
Brayman Precast LLC ​06/11/13 ​4 Sided Box Culverts
2900 S Noah Dr​ Precast Items​
Saxonburg, PA​
PS Code 06887-01​
Baxter Precast LLC ​06/10/04 ​Portable Barrier
3370 Port Union Rd​ ​MSE Walls
Fairfield, OH 45014​ ​Precast Items
PS Code 09600-01​
Carr Concrete Corp. 06/29/01​ ​4 Sided Box Culverts
362 Waverly Rd​ Manhole Risers​
PO Box 265​ Catch Basins​
Williamstown, WV ​ ​Flat Slab & Inlet Tops
800-837-8918​ Portable Barrier​
PS Code  09618-01​​ Cellular Retaining Walls​
​Precast Items

Contech Engineered Solutions, LLC ​08/29/01 ​3 Sided Round Culverts
7941 New Carlisle Pike​
​3 Sided Arch Culverts
Huber Hts, OH 45424​
Precast Headwalls​
937-878-2170​ ​Cellular Retaining Walls
PS Code 06710-01​ ​Precast Items
Co-Pipe ​12/12/06 ​4 Sided Box Culverts
​20501 Goddard Rd ​Manhole Risers
Taylor, MI 48180​ ​Catch Basins
800-521-3514​​ ​Flat Slab & Inlet Tops
PS Code 95931-01​ ​Portable Barrier
​Precast Items
E.C. Babbert ​01/31/02 ​Manhole Risers
7415 Diley Rd​ ​Catch Basins
Canal Winchester, OH 43110​ ​Flat Slab & Inlet Tops
614-837-8444​ ​Precast Headwalls Precast Headwall
PS Code 09502-01 ​Exfiltration Trenches
E.C. Babbert ​01/31/02 ​Manhole Risers
RT 1 Whiley Rd​​ ​Catch Basins
Lancaster, OH 43130​ Flat Slab & Inlet Tops​
740-654-7398​ ​Precast Headwalls Precast Headwall
PS Code 95375-01​ ​Exfiltration Trenches
​Precast Items
Encore Precast Inc. ​03/30/11 ​4 Sided Box Culverts
416 W Ritter St​ 3 Sided Box Culverts
Seven Mile, OH 45062​ Manhole Risers​​​
513-726-5678​ Catch Basins​
PS Code 06882-01​ Flat Slab & Inlet Tops​
​​​ Precast Headwalls​ HW 2.2​
MSE Wall​
Exfiltration Trench​
Precast Items​
Faddis Concrete Products ​06/14/06 ​Portable Barrier
205 West Washington St​ ​MSE Wall
New Castle, PA 16101​ ​Noise Wall
PS Code 95115-01​​
Forterra 07/06/01​ ​4 Sided Box Culverts
1500 Haul Rd​ ​3 Sided Flat Culverts
Columbus, OH 43207​ 3 Sided Arch Culverts​
614-445-3830​ ​Manhole Risers
PS Code 09547-01​ Catch Basins​
Flat Slab & Inlet Tops​
​Precast Items
Forterra 08/15/12​ 4 Sided Box Culverts​
1504 N Gettysburg Av​​ 3 Sided Flat Culverts​
Dayton, OH 45427​ 3 Sided Arch Culverts​
800-737-0707​​​ Manhole Risers​
PS Code 06840-01 Catch Basins​ Type 3 Modified Catch Basin
Type 3A Modified Catch Basin
​​​ Flat Slab & Inlet Tops​
Precast Headwall​ HW-2.2 (HW-4B)
Exfiltration Trench​​
Precast Items​
Lindsay Concrete Products ​08/06/01 ​4 Sided Box Culverts Corrugated Metal & Plastic Pipe
6845 Erie Av NW​ ​3 Sided Flat Culverts Concrete Pipe Drawings
PO Box 578 ​3 Sided Arch Culverts Exfiltration Trench Type A,B,C
Canal Fulton, OH 44614​ ​Manhole Risers HW 2.1, 2.2
330-854-4511​​ ​Catch Basins
PS Code 09716-01 ​Flat Slab& Inlet Tops
Portable Barrier​
​Precast Headwalls
MSE Walls​
​Exfiltration Trenches
​​Precast Items
Mack Industries ​06/29/01 ​Manhole Risers 4A&B
507 Derby St​​ ​Catch Basins
Bowling Green, OH 43402​ ​Flat Slab & Inlet Tops
419-353-7081​ ​Portable Barrier
PS Code 09725-01​ ​Precast Headwalls
​Exfiltration Trenches
​Precast Items
Mack Industries ​05/22/01 ​4 Sided Box Culverts 4A&B
201 Columbia Rd​​ ​Manhole Risers
​PO Box 335 Catch Basins​
Valley City, OH 44280​ Flat Slab & Inlet Tops​
330-483-3111​ ​Portable Barrier
PS Code 09724-01​ ​Precast Headwalls
​MSE Walls
​Noise Walls
​Exfiltration Trenches
​Precast Items
Mack Industries ​02/21/03 ​Manhole Risers 4 A&B
2207 Sodom-Hutchings Rd​​ ​Catch Basins
PO Box 456​ ​Flat Slab & Inlet Tops
Vienna, OH 44473​ ​Portable Barrier
330-638-7680​ ​Precast Headwalls
PS Code 09726-01​ ​Noise Walls
​Precast Items
Meredith Brothers, Inc. ​06/29/12 ​Precast Items
​3025 Switzer Av
​Columbus, OH 43219-2369
​PS Code 09742-01
Northern Concrete Pipe​ ​11/02/15 ​4 Sided Box Culverts
401 Kelton St​ ​3 Sided Flas Culverts
Bay City, MI 48706 ​Manhole Risers
989-892-3545​ ​Catch Basins
​PS Code 06895-01 ​Precast Headwalls
​Portable Barrier
​Noise Wall
​Cellular Retaining Wall
​MSE Panels
​Precast Items
Norwalk Concrete Industries ​05/23/01 3 Sided Flat Culverts​
 SR 20​ 3 Sided Arch Culverts​
​80 Commerce Dr ​3 Sided Round Culverts
Norwalk, OH 44857​​ Manhole Risers​
800-733-3624​ ​Catch Basins
PS Code 09759-01 ​​Flat Slab & Inlet Tops
Portable Barrier
​​Precast Headwall
Cellular Retaining Walls
​​MSE Walls
​Exfiltration Trenches
​Precast Items
Norwalk Concrete Industries 11/21/01​ ​3 Sided Flat Top Culverts
191 Woodlawn Av​ 3 Sided Arch Culverts​
PO Box 563​ ​3 Sided Round Culverts
Norwalk, OH 44857​ Manhole Risers​
800-733-3624​ ​Catch Basins
PS Code 09759-02​ ​Flat Slab & Inlet Tops
​Portable Barrier
​Precast Headwall
​Cellular Retaining Walls
​MSE Walls
​Exfiltration Trenches
​Precast Items
Reading Rock ​01/28/08 ​Noise Walls
4600 Devitt Dr ​Precast Items
Cincinnati, OH 45246​
PS Code 09791-01​
​​Redi-Rock Structures ​of OKI                ​07/23/14 ​Precast Non-Cellular Retain Wall Block
1050 ​Roundbottom Rd
​Milford, OH 45150
PS 06898-01​
Sanders Precast ​09/21/07 ​4 Sided Box Culverts
6051 S Indianopolis Rd​ ​3 Sided Flat Culverts
Whitetown, IN 46075​​ ​3 Sided Arch Culverts
800-769-5503​​ ​Precast Headwalls
PS Code 06552-01 MSE Walls
​Noise Walls
Precast Items​
Turner Concrete Products​ ​8/2/16 MSE Panels
​2121 Tracy Rd ​Non-Cellular Retaining Wall Block
​Northwood, OH 43619
P/S Code 06607-01​
United Precast Industries 06/29/01​ 4 Sided Box Culverts
400 Howard St​​ 3 Sided Flat Culverts​​
Mt Vernon, OH 43050​ 3 Sided Arch Culverts​
740-393-1121​​ Manhole Risers​
PS Code 09559-01 Catch Basins​
Flat Slab & Inlet Tops​
Portble Barrier​
Precast Headwalls​​
MSE Walls​
Noise Walls​
Exfiltration Trenches​
Precast Items​