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Iron Casting Alternate Designs

November 29, 2007


The following alternate castings are approved for use as alternates to the castings shown on the ODOT standard construction drawings as specifically noted in the table below.

All castings must meet the requirements of ODOT  711.14 and AASHTO M306 and accordingly, each shipment must be accompanied by a foundry certification as described in section 10 of AASHTO M306. In addition, test bars will continue to need to be pre-approved for each casting date. Click HERE to view a list of pre-approved cast iron test bar dates.



East Jordan Iron Works

Catalog Number 14
Drawing Number & Description

ODOT Standard Drawing / Item

00735013   7350Z1

CB-2.1M/CB No. 3A

00735034   7350M2 Grate  Standard Grate CB-2.1M & 2.2M/CB No. 3 & 3A
00735036   7350M3 Grate  "V" Grate CB-2.1M & 2.2M/CB No.3 & 3A


00735063   7350T1 BK  Curb Plate CB92.2M/CB No. 3A
00735563   7355T1 Curb Plate CB-2.1M / CB No.3
00735814   7358Z1 RH UND FRAME CB-2.1M / CB No.3
00735815   7358Z1 UND FRAME CB-2.1M / CB No.3
00145013   1450Z1 FRAME MH1.1M/MH-1


00145023   1450B1 20HL 1 OPHO COVER platen                      vent lid MH-1.1M/MH-1
00145020   1450A1 1 OPHO COVER Platen solid lid MH-1.1M/MH-1
00145061   1450A1GS SAN SW COVER Self Seal                      Platen Lid Lettered "Sanitary Sewer" MH-1.1M/MH-1

Catalog Number 7355T2 R & L
Product Number & Description

ODOT Standard Drawing / Item

007335501   DI UND TROUT   Low Curb Plate Assembly CB - 2.1 / CB No. 3