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Website Instructions
To access a JMF list, click on the material codes listed in the table on this page.
The list are in alphabetical order by fine aggregate producers, then by coarse aggregate producers.


Aggregate SSD specific gravity and absorption values are also available by clicking on the 8 character code next to the aggregate suppliers. The coarse aggregate size is in the column proceeding the JMF number.

Click on Weight Table column headings of the table on this page to view concrete mix weights. Use the "Back"  key to return to this page.


Weight Table: Class C and Options Weight Table: Class C  and Options  w/8's
Concrete Class
Material Code
Concrete Class
C w/8's
Material Code
C opt 1 21504 C opt 1 w/8's 21504133
C opt 2 21507 C opt 2 w/8's 21507133
C opt 3 21528 C opt 3 w/8's 21528133
Weight Table: Class F and Options Weight Table: Class S and Options
Concrete Class
Material Code
Concrete Class
Material Code
F opt 1 21505 S opt 1 21506
F opt 2 21508 S opt 2 21509
F opt 3 21529 S opt 3 21530

Weight Table: High Performance Concrete Mixes 1 - 4
(including mixes 3 & 4 w/blended cement)

Concrete Class
HPC Mix 1
Material Code
Concrete Class
HPC Mix 2
Material Code
HPC Mix 3            21526 HPC Mix 4 21527
Weight Table: Supplemental Specification 847 & 848
Concrete Class
Material Code
Concrete Class
Material Code