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The Department of Transportation continues to use Silica-Fume as a concrete additive. This material performs well when properly used but there are often complaints about balling, stickness, pop outs and cracking. These problems are because the material, as an additive to concrete, requires different mix and placement requirements than standard concrete mixes and is more critical to follow the correct methods. While ODOT's specifications define good practice requirements, there are instances when they are not followed due to time, lack of knowledge, or poor judgment. As further reinforcement of the requirements, FHWA recently joined with the Silica-Fume Association to develop and print a Silica Fume users manual.

Chapter 7
Producing Silica-Fume Concrete: Handling, Batching, and Mixing

Chapter 8
Placing, Consolidating, Finishing, and Curing Silica-Fume Concrete

Download the complete Silica Fume User's Manual at: