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Welder qualifications for the Ohio Department of Transportation are governed by the American Welding Society (AWS) D1.5 Bridge Welding Code and the Department’s Supplemental 1011.  Below you will find a brief outline of the qualification requirements and any re-certification requirements along with a link to the approved field welder page.

Qualification Requirements:

  • A field welder must be tested every 5 years
  •  A field welder must update his employment record with the Department at intervals of not more than six months. The Welder Update Form may be used or a letter with the required information may be substituted. 

Re-Qualification Requirements:

If the "Last update" date is greater than 6 months the welder has a 6 month grace period to submit his/her employment record.  If the employment record has not been submitted within a 1 year time period from their "Last update" the welder is no longer qualified and must re-test.

All submissions and inquiries can be forwarded to the following:

Office of Materials Management
Structural, Welding and Metals Section
1600 West Broad Street
Columbus, OH   43223
fax       614-275-1354

Click here for a list of Ohio DOT Qualified Field Welders.

By clicking on the "Ohio DOT Qualified Field Welders" link above you will be transported to the new ODOT CMS Portal.

To access the Approved Field Welders List click on "CONTRACTORS REPORTS" in the left hand column and then  click "Welders" under the Materials and Testing List.  From this location you can search for all approved welders using the first letter of their last name.