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ODOTTina CollinsIT Consultanttcollins@dot.state.oh.us614-466-2314
First question.
6/30/2009 9:57 AM
Lake Erie Const. Co.Mim EwellEEO Officerlecmim@accnorwalk.com419-668-3308
Regarding the CR-61 - when it is stated that the quarter begins at "the start of the actual work on the project", does that mean if you begin work on, hypothically, July 20th, you would consider the quarter to run from July 20th to Oct. 20th? Or would it be considered to be a normal 3rd quarter reporting period (6/27/09 thru 9/19/09)?
7/1/2009 12:01 PM
Ohio Contractors AssociationChris EngleDirector, Public Agenciescengle@ohiocontractors.org614-488-0724
For the FHWA-1589, what does payroll mean? Is it gross? Many HR personnel don’t have access to the area managers or project engineers’ hourly rates, so how exact does the “payroll field” need to be?
7/1/2009 4:03 PM
Ohio Contractors AssociationChris EngleDirector, Public Agenciescengle@ohiocontractors.org614-488-0724
For the CR-61 form, it only allows for carpenters, cement masons, iron worker, laborers, operators, and other (please specify) What if we have a teamster and the sub has a painter. Do we combine them and list both trades?
7/1/2009 4:04 PM
Ohio Contractors AssociationChris EngleDirector, Public Agenciescengle@ohiocontractors.org614-488-0724
Why is it important to know the number of each minority vs. a total count of minorities? Contractors have no reports that list out each minority count.
7/1/2009 4:05 PM
Ohio Contractors AssociationChris EngleDirector, Public Agenciescengle@ohiocontractors.org614-488-0724
What happens when the prime is exceeding their EEO goals and the sub is not? The sub could bring down the prime’s EEO percentages.
7/1/2009 4:15 PM
LyndCo Inc.Tammy HelmanEEO Officertammy@lyndcoinc.com740-671-4855
I am a subcontractor and I have tried to go online to fill out the ERRA Form, when I pull up the form there is no form there. Can someone please enlighten me as to what I need to do?
7/1/2009 4:29 PM
American Roadway Logistics, Inc.Heidi ClaxtonPresidenthclaxton.arl@sbcglobal.net330-645-1145
Are subcontractors required to submit ARRA reporting forms to Prime Contractors?
7/2/2009 1:50 PM
Mosser Construction, IncJamie GottronHuman Resource Coordinatorjgottron@mossergrp.com419-355-3268
I have submitted the request for an account number twice and still have not received a response. What do I do now????
7/15/2009 4:36 PM
Diorio Paving Inc.Dennis Morosky, Jr.Office Managerdioriopaving@yahoo.com3305456220
Would like to sign up for the ARRA Reporting Requirement Online Class on July 30th from 1.30 to 3.30 pm How do I get signed up to view this Live Meeting?
7/28/2009 2:45 PM
D.G.M., INC.TONYA LYKINSOFFICE MANAGERdgminc@falcon1.net740-820-3145
On the FHWA 1589, gross payroll is to be reported. Today it was stated that fringes, taxes, etc. were to not be included. Since we are a non-union contractor and our employees are paid base pay plus fringe rate, shouldn't fringes be included in our case?
7/30/2009 2:36 PM
Ebony ConstructionLeefa KidwellContract Administratorleefak@ebonyco.com419-841-3455
DUNS number? if we only have the 9 digit number is that ok. We don't have the 4 digit optional number.
8/4/2009 11:23 AM
City of ColumbusAlex CofieldContract Officeraacofield@columbus.gov614-645-1557
I reviewed the LPA agreement/proposal notes for the one of our ARRA projects and it talks about a couple of reports that must be submitted by the contractor to ODOT, but I cannot find any info on ODOT’s web site. They are: EEO Form PR 139 1 OJT, CR 1 Report Affirmative Action, Input form 29 Are these forms replaced with new forms for ARRA projects? If not, are hyperlinks available for the forms?
8/17/2009 7:53 AM
City of ColumbusAlex CofieldContract Officeraacofield@columbus.gov614-645-1557
When does an LPA start tracking hours for the FHWA-1589 report - from the day the contract is executed (exectued meaning when it is finally signed by all parties) (which is what I have in my notes from the training) or the day of the NTP (which is what is listed on ODOT's reporting web site)?
8/17/2009 8:02 AM
Wolf Creek Engineering & Contracting, Inc.Suzanne MonsantyPresidentwolfcreekeng@aol.com330-786-1679
I submitted an account request on August 12, 2009. When can I expect to receive my account information?
8/26/2009 12:42 PM
Medina County EngineerDavid J. SzaboCivil Engineer IIIdszabo@medinaco.org330-764-8879
I completed and submitted the Account Request Form on 9/8/2009. When and how will I get my user id and password? I can't complete the FHWA 1589 without my user id and password.
9/9/2009 2:35 PM
Medina County EngineerDavid J. SzaboCivil Engineer IIIdszabo@medinaco.org330-764-8879
I completed and submitted the Account Request Form on 9/8/2009. When and how will I get my user id and password? I can't complete the FHWA 1589 without my user id and password.
9/9/2009 2:35 PM
Cosmos Industrial Services, Inc.Linda CherniskySecretarylinda@cosmosindustrial.com216-861-8361
Everytime I try to get the blank 1589 form for subcontracts the web page errors out. Is there another way to get the blank forms?
9/22/2009 2:19 PM
Marucci 7 Gaffney ExcavatingJudy CusickAcct Clerkjudy@maruccigaffney.com330-743-8170 ext. 100
I need a user name and password for the CR-61. Thats for your help
10/9/2009 9:43 AM
ODOTDan MurphyD-02 CMDan.Murphy@dot.state.oh.us419-373-7023
Question from an LPA regarding the Whistle Blower Poster..... If an ARRA Project does not have a Field Office, Job Trailer or Bulletin Board, where should the whistle Blower Poster be displayed? Is this allowed to be kept in the Foreman's truck as has been the case with other bulletin board items on moving operation projects?
1/25/2010 2:16 PM
R.W. Robinson, Inc. dba Terra Valley ExcavatingDavid RobinsonProject Coordinatorrwrobinsoninc@yahoo.com4198864755
I am trying to fill out the 1589 Modified and requested an online account yesterday. I do not have it yet, will I get it in time to file? Do I also need to file a paper copy with my district? Thank you.
3/10/2010 11:22 AM
First Star SafetyMary TaylorProject Administratormary.taylor@firsstarsafety513-661-7827
I am a sub-contractor on several ARRA jobs. Recently I have been getting a homemade FHWA 1589 for each company. Are the FHWA 1589 and CR 61 available for completion online? If so, where can I get them?
5/4/2010 3:27 PM
Cox Paving, Inc.Misty LawsonOffice Managermisty.lawson@coxpavinginc.com937-780-3075
For the CR-61 reporting, I need clarification on how the "quarter" is determined. For a project that starts in May, should the first report be submitted by June 15th (standard quarter) or by July 15 (3 months of project work)?
6/9/2010 10:55 AM
Wolf Creek Engineering & Contracting, Inc.Suzanne MonsantyPresidentsmonsanty@aol.com330-786-1679
I intend to hire several workers for a one day concrete pour on an ARRA project. The unions I am signatory with are easily able to fulfill my request for workers, as they have many members not currently working. I will try to recall previous employees that have been laid off, but it may not be possible. Do I need to list these positions on Ohio means jobs? I am obligated to use union employees.
7/26/2010 1:26 PM
URSBrian RhodesProject Engineerbrian_rhodes@urscorp.com513-419-3500
I have requested a username and password 3 times and have not received a response, the first request being in January, the second a few weeks ago, and one today. How long does access usually take? Thanks.
6/20/2011 11:02 AM
Trucco Construction Co IncMarisa HolmesControllermarisa.holmes@truccoconstruction.com(740) 417-9010 Ext 5803
If LEO payroll data is to be reported on the monthly 1589 reports, I'm assuming it should also be included on the quaterly CR-61's? If so, what if you do not know if the LEO's are a minority? This is not something that we normally ask.
10/5/2011 4:39 PM
Columbus Engineering Consultants, Inc.Michele BlevinsOffice Administratormblevins@ceceng.net614-228-3500, ext. 214
We have a client, a construction company asking us to complete the CR61 form. We are not listed in ODOT's list of shortnames, nor do we have the 'class' of employees listed on the form. We have Engineers, Surveyors, CAD Technicians and SUE Technicians. Is there a way to change the report or is there one for consultants?
10/11/2011 10:33 AM
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