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00Existing Plans (Structure, Roadway), Office Calcs and DGN Files00-Request Data
01Quantity error (by improper calculation, plan carryover)01-Quantity Error
02Design Error / Ommission unconstructable as detailed02-Design Error
03Specification change requested03-Specification Change
04Current site conditions don't match plan04-Site Conditions
05Utility issues (RR, Water, Electric, Gas, Telco etc)05-Utility
06Material availability (lead time for delivery, unavailable etc)06-Material Availability
07Maintenance of Traffic issues (phasing conflicts etc)07-MOT Issues
08Clarification of plans, notes, or proposal required08-Clarification
09Request a change to DBE/Edge goals or a change in work types09-Change Goals/WTs
10Completion date modification requested10-Completion Date
25Other - Not in List25-Other