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309-15Trench Boxes, Shielding, Shoring Units, and Components2/10/2015Maintenance Mgmt309-15Pricing
405-15Exchange of Used Safetran 170E Controllers for New 2070-ATC Controllers2/5/2015Traffic405-15Pricing
407-15Steel Casing Pipe for ODOT District 52/5/2015District 5407-15Pricing
834-15Mobile Anti-Icing/De-Icing Systems (MBE Vendors Only)2/24/2015Equipment Mgmt834-15Pricing
835-15Central Hydraulic Systems (MBE Vendors Only)2/24/2015Equipment Mgmt835-15Pricing
847-15Guardrail End-Treatments, Repair Parts, Impact Attenuators, and Sand Barrels2/19/2015Maintenance Mgmt847-15Pricing