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FRA-71-17.76 (1st Project) Design Build
PID 77369
Project Number - 113000

Use this form to submit all prebid questions for this project.  DBT prebid questions will be posted to the following website ->  http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/ContractAdmin/Contracts/Construction/PBQs-113000.pdfDepartment answers that do not require an addendum will be posted to this same website.  Contract addenda will be posted to the regular Department addenda site.


 Franklin 71 Prebid Questions Form

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 Bid Opening Webcast


 Bid Documents


 113000 Notices to Industry

11/4/2011 2:53 PM
11/4/2011 2:53 PM
Fra71-77639-Meeting Locations.docx
11/4/2011 2:45 PM
Fra71-77639-Technical Proposal.docx
11/4/2011 2:45 PM