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The Contractor Qualification Section prequalifies construction companies to bid on projects let by the Ohio Department of Transportation by determining the bidder's dollar bidding capacity and the work types for which the bidder is qualified.

The Qualification Section reviews all construction contracts to ensure that all of the required information is compiled prior to the contract execution.  Additionally, this section reviews all Request to Sublet (C92s) to determine if subcontractors have sufficient dollar qualification and work types to perform the anticipated work.​​​​​​​​​


 Prequalification and Certification Information


 Forms for Prequalification & Information

collapse Category : C-95 ‎(2)
PQ_C95-RatingGuidelines.docC-95 Guidelines
4/17/2008 4:13 PM40 KB
PQ_C95.docC-95 Questions
4/17/2008 4:13 PM57 KB
collapse Category : Forms ‎(5)
4/17/2008 4:04 PM416 KB
bid_bond.pdfBid Bond
4/17/2008 4:04 PM13 KB
PQ_JVApp.docJoint Venture Application
4/17/2008 4:01 PM54 KB
PQ_App.docPrequalification Application
3/23/2012 4:43 PM594 KB
PQ_C92.docRequest to Sublet (C-92)
7/29/2008 1:38 PM135 KB
collapse Category : Prequalification ‎(6)
1/31/2015 11:07 PM228 KB
PQ_CertificateOfInsurance.docPrequalification Certificate of Insurance Form
1/31/2014 10:19 AM99 KB
pq_packet_new.pdfPrequalification Contractor's Checklist for NEW APPLICANTS
1/31/2014 9:56 AM728 KB
pq_packet_renew.pdfPrequalification Contractor's Checklist for RENEWAL
1/31/2014 9:59 AM424 KB
pre-qual.xlsPrequalification Listing - For Download (Mail Merge)
2/21/2014 11:04 PM591 KB
pre-qual.pdfPrequalification Listing - For Printing
6/17/2012 11:06 PM192 KB
collapse Category : Work Types ‎(3)
PQ_MinimumSkillsRequirements.docMinimum Skills Requirements for Work Types
5/20/2009 9:47 AM69 KB
PQ_RequestAdditionalWTs.docRequest Additional Work Types
4/17/2008 4:06 PM35 KB
PQ_WtList.docWork Type Definitions
5/20/2009 9:34 AM54 KB