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By submitting this participation form for the Summer-fill Salt Contract (418-16) you are committing your Political Subdivision to purchase 100% of the salt quantities requested. After April 3rd, you will not be given an opportunity to withdraw or reduce your requested tonnage from the contract unless you are given the opportunity to do so by the Department. The summer salt contract will be valid from the Date of Award (approx. mid-May) through November 30, 2015. While your awarded salt supplier will have the entire contract period to deliver your requested salt quantities, they must have at least 50% of your ordered tonnage delivered by no later than October 15th.      
The Summer-Fill Contract will be put out to bid approx. April 6th and bids will open around May 5th. We will share the results of the bid opening once they are available.
The Winter Contract Participation Form will be made available the beginning of May. We will send out an email in May when it is available to complete.    
This form AND your Resolution/Ordinance must be submitted by no later than FRIDAY, APRIL 3RD. The Department will NOT accept your form if you fail to attach a completed Resolution or Ordinance when submitting your form. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please note that you are able to use the same approved Resolution/Ordinance for both the summer and winter salt contracts.
It is your responsibility to verify that your submitted form has been received and that the tonnages you have requested are correct. We have provided a link below that you can use to check to make sure your form was submitted properly and that all information is correct.
Please note: This link is set to update every night to include all of the data submitted that day, so your submission will NOT immediately appear on this list when you click submit. Please check back the following day.
If you need to make any changes to your information once you have already submitted the form you must do so by no later than Friday, April 3rd.
To make changes you can simply re-submit the form and it will automatically overwrite all of the information on the form you had previously submitted. Therefore, you must fill out the form in its entirety in order for your changes to be made. Please check back the next day to ensure that your changes were made.

 Summer Fill Contract

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