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ODOT has developed step by step guidelines to create electronic image files as a means to replacing conventional mylar tracings. This revision will result in significant cost savings by eliminating the need for mylar tracings and will allow final electronic plans to navigate more effectively through the contract letting process. Having a process in place to deliver electronic image files of final plans will provide ODOT with a viable option to electronically archive final plans.

Utilizing existing technology available to in-house design staff and consultants to create image files, it has been recommended to advance the submissions of final plans as TIFF images instead of mylars. The committee evaluated various image file formats including the impacts each format would have on the ODOT plan routing process. After evaluating the current business practice used by the Office of Contracts and the Office of Estimating to route final plans through the letting process, it was determined that TIFF images would provide a seamless transition to an electronic format.


 Supporting Documentation for TIFF Submission

Tiff_Procedure.pdf*** TIFF Submission Procedure1/18/2011 7:59 AM283 KB 1.0