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Last modified at 4/29/2014 11:00 AM by Gregory Pore

Information · Frequently Asked Questions

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InTouch Devices

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1. Where will the InTouch devices be installed?
In a centralized location where it is convenient for employees

2. How many InTouch devices will there be per location?
InTouch devices are a fairly expensive. It will be based on a per district location basis. If there are 2 buildings in the same complex, most likely there will only be one device for both.

3. Will all locations have an InTouch device?
Originally, InTouch devices were not going to be in office locations. However, they were so well received they are now in central office and several district headquarters as well as in the county garages.

4. Is a proximity badge required to swipe the InTouch device?
Yes, all ODOT employees will be issued the appropriate badge if they do not already have one.

5. Is an e-mail address required to be able to use the InTouch device?
No. However all employees must have an Active Directory (AD) account in order to log into a PC to do leave requests, timecard approval, etc. if necessary. If you are unable to log into a pc, please contact your local Help Desk.

6. What happens if the power is out a location, will the InTouch device still work?
Yes. The InTouch devices are powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE), which includes a switch with back up batteries.

7. Why are District Offices not slated to have an InTouch device?
Since office environments are already equipped with computers, it doesn’t seem cost-effective to purchase them due to the expense of the device and maintenance costs. However, some districts have opted to purchase InTouch devices for their headquarters.

8. What happens if an InTouch device breaks down?
A new device can be replaced within 24 to 48 hours.

9. Can I swipe in if I forget my badge?
Yes but you will need to know your badge number. From the InTouch device, touch the keyboard symbol at the bottom right corner of the screen, enter your badge number and click enter. All badge numbers start with 1 then the district (for CO everyone is 13) then the 5 numbers on the back of your badge after your district number. Example, the number on the back of your badge is D05 12345. You would enter 10512345.

10. Do all employees have to have an S2 badge to use the InTouch device?
Yes. All employees should have a S2 badge to use the InTouch device.

11. When should I request time off from the InTouch device?
It is recommended to not request time off from the InTouch device during peak sign in and out times. If you need to request time off during these times please use the webapplication via a computer.

12.Why won’t an in/out punch entered using a PC show up on the InTouch device? Is this the same for all actions done using a PC (i.e. leave requests, approvals, etc.)?
If the employee opts to Review Punches at the InTouch device, it will only show punches recorded via the InTouch. However, from the InTouch device, you can go to View Timecard to see ALL of your punches, regardless of where the punch was entered.   



1. Is there a "timekeeper" role in Kronos?
Kronos does not have a "timekeeper" role. There are Manager and Employee roles in Kronos. Managers can delegate to other managers but not to employees.

2. Will employees still complete 502s?
Yes, this first phase of Kronos is only for capturing time and leave. The next phase of Kronos with EIMS will look at replacing the 502 and TMS. 

3. Do employees need to sign in and out of Kronos daily?
The best practice is for employees to sign in and out of Kronos daily when they begin and end work. There are exceptions and these should be worked out on a case by case basis with each individuals manager.

4. How often should managers clear exceptions and review time off requests?
Managers are expected to review timecards and exceptions on a daily basis. Managers should also approve or decline timeoff requests daily.

5. Are all employees on schedules?
Employees using the InTouch devices are to be on schedules. For those employees using the web application, it will be update each area if the employees are on schedules.

6. If you know you have a doctor apt in the middle of the day but don’t know how long it will last, do you swipe out when you leave and swipe in when you get back?  That way you know how much time you have to make up.
Yes,that is the best way to handle it.

7. Is everyone allowed to flex? Say a garage employee comes in ten minutes late, is he/she allowed to stay ten minutes over or do they have to put time in for that?
The ability to flex is left to the management's discretion.

8. Do I still have to fill out a flex form or OT request form?
Work rules and processes in the area are not changing. The only change is how employees sign in and out and request time off.

9. How does an employees schedule change?
The employee’s manager needs to contact payroll when an employee’s schedule changes.

10. Will holidays automatically populate in your timesheet?
Yes, the standard ODOT holidays will populate on the timcard.

11. Will shift differential rules be built in based on starting and ending times entered?
Once an employee is identified as a shift employee, Kronos will automatically pay the shift based on the time the shift started.

12. For shift differential, the 10 day rule that determines if an employee is “regularly” working second shift; will the employee be paid shift differential on the first day the second shift is worked, or will the system hold off paying until he/she has worked at least 10 days on that shift?
Before the employee would be eligible for shift, they would have to be regularly assigned and complete at least 10 days of shift work. At the end of the 10 days, the district would be allowed to put the employee on shift and pay the shift for the previous 10 days. This may all happen in one pay period if the employee starts shifts on the first day of the pay period. Otherwise you could add shift to the previous timesheet in OAKS and make an adjustment in Kronos.

13. Can you print out a copy of the employee’s timecard so you can walk it over to them and discuss your questions/concerns with them?
You can take a screen shot but there is not a print function for a manager to print an employees time card.

14. Can Kronos information be accessed using an employee’s home computer?
Only if they’re behind the ODOT firewall (i.e they have Remote Desktop or are using VPN)

15. Does a holiday default to 8 hours?
Yes, for full-time employees (4 hours for part-time employees).

16. Since the holiday defaults to 8 hours, what if an employee is working 10 hour days? Will employees continue to be required to revert back to 5 eight hour days on a holiday week?
The employee timecard still defaults to 8 hours, but the manager can change it to 10 hours for the employee. Managers have the ability to “revert” an employee to an 8-hour day, but they can also give credit to the employee for 10 hours (manager’s choice).    


Timecard Approval


1. When should employees approve their timecards?
Employees must approve their timecards by 10:00 AM on the Monday following payday (for the pervious pay period).Employees can approve their timecards at the end of their final shift for the pay period.

2. What should an employee look for when approving their timecard?
Employees should: 1)Ensure they have at least 80 hours - unless otherwise agreed upon by their manager; 2) Verify any time off requests are approved 3)ensure any overtime worked is approved; and 4) Move overtime to comp time where necessary. If a time off request is not approved or overtime is not approved, see your manager to discuss.

3. When do managers approve employee timecards?
Managers must approve their employees timecards by noon on the Monday following payday. If Monday is a holiday, then approvals will be done the following business day, which is most cases is Tuesday.
4. How do I approve my time card?
Steps to Approve your Timecard:
1.  When you log into Kronos you should be on the My Information tab – My Timecard page.
2.  Review your daily totals and make sure they are correct.
3.  If correct, click the More button located on the upper right hand side of the timecard.   If not correct, please work with your manager to make the needed corrections.
4.  Click Approve.
5.  Once “Approved” a message will display in the top left hand corner “Timecard is Approved”.

5. This is not currently set but we have asked Kronos to configure it that managers can remove approval for employees. Once the manager approves the time card only payroll can remove the approval. Once the timecard is signed off on payroll, only central office payroll can remove signoff.
Currently employees can remove their approval and managers can remove their approval. We have asked Kronos to configure it that managers can remove approval for employees. Once the manager approves the time card only payroll can remove the approval. Once the timecard is signed off on payroll, only central office payroll can remove signoff.

6. How far back (how many pays) can an employee’s approval of a timecard be removed? We are assuming only the current pay by the manager…or payroll?
At the conclusion of each pay period, CO Payroll will “lock” the pay period….once that’s been done, no further changes can be made the pay period.

7. Can the employee or manager approve time cards BEFORE Monday AM?
Yes. If they are positive they will have NO further activity


Signing In/Out


1.Do employees need to sign in and out of Kronos daily?
The best practice is for employees to sign in and out of Kronos daily when they begin and end work. There are exceptions and these should be worked out on a case by case basis with each individuals manager.

2.Can someone else swipe in at an InTouch device for me?
No. This would be considered falisifying your time sheet.

3.Do I have to put AM or PM when entering time in and out?
The system defaults to AM when you enter anything in the “In” or “Out” column. If entering afternoon/evening hours, always add a “P” after the time entered. For example, 700 in the “In” column will be read as 7 AM. 330P in the “Out” column will be read as 3:30 PM.

4.What happens if I swipe in prior to my scheduled start time?
The system is set to notify the Manager when an employee punches in or out 31 minutes before their established work schedule. This time defaults to unapproved time and requires the Manager to review, leave as unapproved, or approve as time worked if employee was authorized to work extra time. if an employee punches in 30 minutes or less prior to their scheduled start, the time also time defaults to unapproved time. If the employee was autorized to work the extra time, they will need to ensure the manager approves the time. Otherwise no action is needed by the employee or the manager.

5.What happens if I swipe out after my scheduled end time?
The system is set to notify the Manager when an employee punches out 31 minutes after their established work schedule. This time defaults to paid, however this should be autorized by the manager prior.

6. I clicked record timestamp and nothing appeared on my timecard. Do I have to click something else?
Once you click record timestamp, in order to see the timestamp click refresh. There is no need to click save when using the record timestamp button.

7. Does Kronos show what method was used to sign in/out (i.e. PC, InTouch, Teletime, or Mobile Application)?
Go to the Audits tab in the Timecard Audit Trail widget. Change the “Type of Edit” field from “Select a Type” to “All”. The “Data Source” field to the far right-hand side of the detail shows what method was used and, the "User" field will show if it was an InTouch device, which device.

8. Can an incorrect punch only be corrected via the web based PC function?







Time Off Request / Accrual Balances


1.Will the system allow you to put a TOR in on a holiday? If that would happen by mistake will it deduct the time you put in and will you be double paid?
The system will not prevent an employee from submitting a TOR on a holiday, nor prevent the manager from approving the TOR. If that were to occur, the employee would get paid for both the TOR as well as the holiday (i.e. HOLLV), in effect paying the employee twice for the same day.

2. Is there a calendar or a report the managers can look at to see what employees they have off in the coming weeks?
To view all employee time off requests, click on the manage time off requests in related items. Then use the calendar icon next to the drop down defaulted to current pay period to select a date range. You can select today through when the last TOR for your employees is submitted. All requests should appear. Also, you can change the drop down that has “submitted” in it to see requests with other statuses.

3. As of PPE 5/5/12, I will have accrued 8.0 hours of comp time in the RFL system. However, KRONOS has my comp time leave balance currently at 0.0 hours.
The comptime earned ppe 5/5/12 should show up in your balances when you log on Friday, 5/18/12. All accruals for ppe 5/5/12 are not available for use until payday Friday 5/18/12.

 4. It appears KRONOS does not realize the leave that is accrued for the most recent pay period. I guess I wonder at what point can an employee actually use the leave time or when would I be able to use the Vacation and Sick Leave I accrued in PPE 5/5/12?
All accruals for ppe 5/5/12 are not available for use until payday Friday 5/18/12.

5. Will managers get e-mails when their employees request time off?
Currently the manager will not get an e-mail notification. This is something that will be resolved in a future release.

6. I approved my employees Time Off Request and then retracted it but nothing happened.
We have reported this issue to Kronos. Right now managers should not be using the retract function on behalf of the employees.

7.When I entered a draft time off request, when I went back to update it all I could do is submit it.
We have reported this to Kronos that draft does not function as one would think it would.

8.  Can employees "void" their time off requests in Kronos as they do in RFL?
If the manager has not yet approved the TOR, the employee should retract the request. Retract does work for the employees. If the manager has approved the TOR, the employee should cancel the request. It will go to the manager as a cancel submitted and the manager needs to approve the cancelation for it to be removed from the employees timecard.

9. I submitted a time off request but it is not appearing on my timecard.
Time off requests will not appear on a timecard until they are approved by the manager.

10. Is there any indication you will get if you are about ready to lose vacation time because you are at use or lose?
No, employees will need watch their accrual balances to know if they are at use or lose.

11. Do I need to enter my time off requests in both Kronos and RFL June 18 - July 28?
Yes, you should enter time off requests in both systems.

12. Will the data entered during June 18 - July 28 be removed from the system?
We are not sure yet if the data entered between the datas of June 18 and July 28 will be removed. We do know that time off requests entered for after June 28 will remain in the system so they will not be entered again.

13. How stringent is Kronos in following the contract for leave requests? Will Kronos allow an employee to request sick leave or vacation the same day or after the fact, even though the contract may not necessarily allow it?
The system will allow for this, as it will not know if a verbal arrangement had been arrived at between an employee and manager.


Overtime / Comp time







1. As a manager, I clicked approve to approve overtime but it approved the timecard?
When managers are going through the chevrons on their home page, when they get to Unapproved or Overtime, there is some confusion. On the “Approvals” menu, “Approve” is to approve the timecard. Managers are highlighting a person and thinking they are approving overtime but in fact they are approving the time card. To approve overtime, managers need to click "Approve Overtime", then make sure they have the right date in the pop up box.

2. Can I move my overtime to comp time in Kronos?
This feature is coming. All overtime will default to PAID overtime. If any eligible employees wants overtime to be compensatory, he/she must change the paycode AFTER the Manager approves the overtime worked. If an employee is off at the end of the pay period and has not approved his/her timecard and wants overtime comp’d rather than paid, the Manager can change but it must be before noon on the Monday after payday.

3. If a manager approves hours worked over the normal daily schedule, but the employee ends up flexing at the end of a week (40 hr) and does not exceed 40 hours for the work week, will the system change the approved OT from earlier in the week to Regular time since hours worked did not exceed 40 in the work week?
Yes, any approved time before or after the shift will be regular unless the employee exceeds the 40 hours in a week.

4. Once a manager has approved the overtime, can the employee convert it to comp time at any time during the pay period or do they have to wait until the end of the pay period?
Once the OT is approved they can move it at anytime.

5. If an employee finds there is 3 hours of overtime that was missed four pays ago, how does the change get made in Kronos? Or, does the change get made only in OAKS by payroll. If so, does Kronos ever reflect the change?
The process today would be for Payroll to place an XX code on the timesheet in the current pay period and to go into OAKS and do an additional Pay. That would be the same process going forward in Kronos.

6. Does Kronos give the warning message the payperiod before the comp time would be paid off like now?
No. It is an OAKS thing.

7. How do I tell Kronos whether I want comp time, flex time or paid time for my overtime?
If you want to flex you would just work shorter hours one day and make sure your manager approves any time outside your schedule. The system defaults to paying approved overtime but if you want to comp there will be a process coming out soon outlining how to move OT to comp.

Manager Role







1. How often should managers clear exceptions and review time off requests?
Managers are expected to review timecards and exceptions on a daily basis. Managers should also approve or decline timeoff requests daily.

2. As a manager, my alert notification says 2 but when I click I show 10 exceptions?
For the alerts at the top of your screen, this number listed is per employee. So if you have 2 employees with 10 exceptions, a 2 will be in the alert circle.

3. Will it be possible for a County Manager to see all employees without having to have TM’s delegate to the CM, then the CM having to review employees TM by TM?
Managers can only see the employees that directly report to them on a screen. If another manager delegates to them they can see that managers employees, however they will not see their employees and the other managers employees on the same screen.

4. If I delegate to another manager for a period and come back sooner than expected, can I see/review/approve my employees BEFORE delegation has expired?
Yes. Even if you delegate you can still see your employees and perform all functions.

5. Can a manager delegate to an employee?
Managers can only delegate to other managers within their district/division.

6. Can a manager delegate to more than one other manager at a time?
Managers can delegate to multiple managers.

7. If a manager calls off on Monday, and failed to previously set up a delegation, can someone else (perhaps payroll) go in and set up a delegation on their behalf? 
Payroll can do a delegation on behalf of a manager. Right now this function is in CO payroll but I think it is going to be pushed out to the districts.

8. If an employee cancels lunch, can the manager mark the exception as reviewed?
When an employee cancels a lunch deduction, the manager gets an alert for notification purposes. Since this is an alert and not an exception, it can’t be approved or marked as reviewed.

9. Is there a way for the manager to see leave requests for all employees within his/her cost center, as opposed to only being able to view leave requests for the employees he/she directly supervises?
No. The manager in question (manager #1) would need to have the other manager (manager #2) delegate their access to manager #1 so that he/she could see the employees that report to manager #2. So if the County Manager wants to see the timesheets/TORs of the employees that report to the TM, the TM would need to delegate their access rights to the County Manager. The County Manager could then use the Switch Role link to pull up the employees reporting to the TM.

Lunch Deduction







1. If you are a 30min lunch person and you go over and end up taking a 60min lunch. How do you put that into the system?
If an employee might run over on their lunch, the best thing to do is to have them punch out before they go to lunch, and then punch back in after they return from lunch. This will cancel the 30-minute auto deduction and only pay them for the actual time worked. If they failed to do that before they left, they can simply enter (manually) the time they left for lunch in the Out column, add another line and enter the time they came back into the In column, and then enter the Out punch when they leave at the end of the day.

2. What if I do not take a lunch?
If your normal lunchtime is not used for authorized reasons, you can cancel your lunch in Kronos. In the web application go to Related Items -> My Timecard Audit Trail. Right click on the In or Out punch for the day you want to cancel lunch. Click on Edit Punch. Make the appropriate selection in the Cancel Deduction drop down (30 or 60) and then click OK. Click Save in the timecard. From the InTouch device, touch cancel lunch and swipe your badge. It will cancel your lunch for that day. In both cases your manager will be notified when you cancel your lunch.

3. Is the after an employee works 4 hours their lunch deduction is taken only for Monday thru Friday.
No, it’s for any day where more than 4 consecutive hours are worked. If there is a break in the day that last less than 3 hours, the system will auto cancel the deduction.

4. On Monday, July 9, I left during the day but not during lunch. However, KRONOS (not me) deleted my 1/5 hour lunch deduction (I guess) b/c I had more than one in and out punch sequence. I tried to override and put the lunch back in but I cannot find a mechanism to do so.  In short, KRONOS is giving me credit for 8.5 hours worked on Monday when I worked 8 hours (3.5 hours of VAC and 4.5 hours of REGLR). How do I add my lunch back in?
If an employee leaves and returns within a 3 hour window, Kronos will cancel their standard lunch deduction. To add in the lunch, from the main timecard view, click on the day you want to add the lunch in. Click More, Add Row. Then on the first line you will have your in punch for the day, your out punch when you left for the time you left, on the next line your in punch put the time you returned and your out punch will be your outpunch for the day.

5. Will it charge the employee a lunch on weekends and two lunches for 16 hour shifts for snow and ice?
Only one lunch would be charged for a 16-hour shift as long as the employee did not punch out for lunch and back in; if they did, the lunch deduct would be cancelled.

Time Reporting Codes







1. When entering sick leave there are 2 lines entered, one says SCKLV and the other says SDCKLV-New.
Some employees have both new Sick and Old Sick. The only way that Kronos could handle the 2 different balances for sick was to post sick as the leave used and then make a second entry identifying New Sick or Old Sick.

Web Application







1. For office locations, what happens if the network is unavailable?
All Disaster Recovery plans are being developed.








1. Will all employees have access to teletime?