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June 18
Ladies and gentlemen: Kronos has entered the building!


It’s been a long time coming.  The final launch day of the new ODOT time-keeping system, Kronos, is at hand and at the forefront of exciting new changes throughout the state.


Assistant Director for Business & Human Resources Michael Cope has had to deal with the cumbersome AU-15 system since he began with the department in June of 1977. Back then, this method of time-keeping was perfectly acceptable, and possibly even advanced for the time.  Some 35 years later, though, it seems as slow as chiseling time in tablets of stone.    
Not often at a loss for words, Cope was most enthusiastic about discussing KRONOS, the stellar team that put it all together,  and the meaning of the new system  for the future of the department:
“We challenged them—and they came through” said Cope. “In what essentially came down to a less than five- month time period, a dedicated team of around 25 individuals were able to get the new time tracking system up and running and into a successful pilot group to be tested.  This is a remarkable feat considering the necessary steps for planning, designing, gathering resources, and configuration.”
Cope believes this hard work will assuredly pay off as time and money saved from the use of Kronos will be able to go right back into the cost of road maintenance.
 “Kronos will allow us to cut back on the amount of paperwork being done, thus providing more time for value added activities,” he said. “This project is a testament to the hard work by ODOT employees and speaks volumes about their ability to achieve any goal set before them.”   
With the launch of Kronos comes the end of phase one of the TEAMS program and a new focus on the Equipment Inventory Management System in phase two.  EIMS will simplify and streamline inventory management by doing away with the current forms now in use for tracking road projects and implementing a new, easy-to-use fuel management system.


May 30
District 5 Pilot Underway

PER Garage DSCN0019.JPG

Shawn Stritz (left) and Russ Mapel of District 5's IT department just completed the installation of a Kronos InTouch device in Perry County.

District 5 was the first district to pilot Kronos.

According to Public Information Officer Michelle Croom, the launch was successful with only a few minor glitches, "which is to be expected."

"Between training and installation of the equipment, we had a pretty agressive schedule to maintain," Croom said.

May 02
Training Underway!

Matt Downs, administrator for Payroll and Project Accounting in the Division of Finance at Central Office, taught a class on the use of Kronos to managers from the divisions of Finance and Information Technology on May 2.DSCF1276-small.jpg

April 30
Kronos Facts
What is Kronos?
·         Kronos is a new electronic timekeeping system that will eliminate wasted time and paper, allowing ODOT to reinvest those dollars into roads and bridges
·         Kronos combines paper timesheets and the RFL system into one user-friendly electronic system that will save employees time
·         30 million people use Kronos  worldwide every day
Who is affected?
·         All ODOT employees
What will change?
·         County employees will get a proximity badge
·         Time off requests will be entered by each employee, and when approved, will automatically post to timesheets
·         Managers will approve time off requests
How will you enter your time?
·         InTouch devices at permanent non-office locations such as county garages and outposts
·         Telephone Time Entry (TTE) for employees that do not report to a permanent ODOT location
·         Smart phone application
·         Office Computer
When does it start?
·         May 6 pilot begins in District 5 and Central Office Information Technology and Finance
·         May 20 pilot begins in District 6 and Central Office Human Resources and Engineering
·         Full deployment June 17
Will there be training?
·         There will be live and self-paced e-training and open computer labs


April 30
InTouch Devices Arrive On Time

Chris Uguru, information technician 2 in the Division of Information Technology at Central Office unpacks the first In-Touch device. The shipment of 176 devices arrived on time helping keep the project on schedule for its June 17, 2012, full deployment.

Ugaru 1.jpg

April 19
Modernized Timekeeping To Make Time Fly


Managing the labor hours of more than 5,600 ODOT employees is a time-consuming task, further complicated by the use of paper timesheets. ODOT’s primary time-keeping method is the familiar AU-15 paper timesheet filled out by employees, approved by managers, entered into the “On-Time” system by timekeepers, which then get sent to payroll, also known as the Ohio Administrative Knowledge System.
Does passing pieces of paper from one person to another sound like a long, labor-intensive process with increased chances for errors? It is.
AU-15’s were introduced decades ago. Only slight improvements have been made since. But with a little modern ingenuity, paper timesheets will soon become history.
“This is an exciting time to be an ODOT team member as we progress further into the 21st century,” said Division of Information Technology Deputy Director Spencer Wood.
ODOT is modernizing time-keeping duties with the introduction of Time & Equipment Administration & Management Systems (TEAMS). Consisting of two different projects working cooperatively with one another, TEAMS will combine time and equipment tracking into one faster and easy to use structure.
The first project, the Activities, Cost and Time System, manages the processes for time and activity entry, payroll, and leave requests. It will replace On-Time and Request for Leave processes with the newer “Kronos” by July 1.
Kronos will handle all time and labor tracking along with Request for Leave and activities performed by employees. This will allow employees to focus on everyday duties instead of extra paperwork. After Kronos is deployed employees will still enter their activities into the existing TMS system until the new activities tracking system is implemented in phase 2.
The second major project, the Equipment & Inventory Management System, will record department assets such as equipment, materials, and parts. It will handle work orders, streamline management and reporting of maintenance activities, and support cost accounting functions.
TEAMS’ ultimate goal is to support ODOT’s Strategic Plan to deliver safe, high quality transportation more efficiently by collecting more accurate data and eliminating redundant and unnecessary tracking processes.
Business Process Analyst Angela Haskins-Carr says that she looks forward to the new timesheet system. “It will be great to be able to handle all of the time-related processes in one system,” she said.
By Greg Pore, Central Office


April 19
New Timekeeping System Coming Soon




Facing change in the workplace can sometimes be a scary thing, and Kronos – ODOT’s new electronic timekeeping system -- will mean changes for department employees when it is rolled out with the first pay period of the new fiscal year. But once they get comfortable with the new features, it will be hard to imagine how they ever worked without it.
Kronos will handle all time and labor tracking along with leave requests and activities performed by employees. The implementation of Kronos will include the installation of InTouch devices, which will allow employees to conveniently “swipe” in and out of locations using new badges to be issued to the workforce along with the release of Kronos. The InTouch devices are designed with an easy to use graphics interface that will appeal to all ages and will be installed in a centralized location accessible to all employees.
However, not all locations within the department will have an InTouch device; Employees working in office settings will be able to benefit from the many perks the new set up has to offer from their work computers.
The department is planning training sessions for ODOT all employees and managers in the use of the new system and devices. This training is expected to begin the next couple of months.
By Greg Pore, Central Office



 About this blog

Kronos will replace outdated paper timesheets with a user-friendly, reliable, electronic system that will save employees time and the department money. Employees will manage their time with a variety of tools, including a wall-mounted device called "InTouch," Telephone Time Entry (TTE), a smart phone application and office computers.