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RESOLVED - Submitted TOR Does Not Appear In "My Time Off Requests"


*NOTE: This issue has been resolved with a patch deployed on 11/28/12.


All End Users

A TOR has been submitted, but is not appearing on the My Time Off Requests screen.
Information or Workaround:
There is currently a bug in Kronos which sometimes prevents submitted TORs from the current week of a pay period from being displayed on the "My Time Off Requests" screen.
Kronos is working on a patch to this bug. In the meantime, submitted TORs can be displayed with the following workaround:
1) From the "My Time Off Requests" screen, click the calendar icon next to the "Current Pay Period" dropdown.
2) Select the dates for the beginning and end of the week for the TOR you are looking for.
3) Click OK. The TORs for the selected date range should be displayed.




Created at 8/28/2012 7:01 AM by Joshua Oswald
Last modified at 1/30/2013 11:20 AM by Joshua Oswald