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Leave Balances



To validate the leave balances in Kronos, please follow these steps:
1.)    Take your 10/20/12 leave balances from OAKS .
2.)    Subtract from those balances any TORs that have populated to your Kronos Timesheet from 10/21/12 to today (for example, if you were doing the validation today, subtract any takings from 10/21/12 – 11/05/12 that are showing as having been approved, and thus are appearing on the Timesheet).
3.)    Based upon the calculation from (1) and (2), click on today’s date in the Timesheet and review your Leave Accruals – your calculated balance and the Leave Accruals balances in Kronos should match.
4.)    IMPORTANT: The calculation methodology described in steps (1) through (3) is only valid beginning Sunday, October 21st; if you perform the calculation on any period of time prior to Sunday, October 21st, then there’s a good chance the balances in Kronos will not match to the expected result.
If at first you don’t find that your balances in Kronos match to the balances you’ve calculated, please double check your calculations. If you find that you’re still not getting the expected result and you’re in a District, please contact your District Payroll Office; if you’re in Central Office please contact Gina Macioce-Yodzis.


It is possible there are rounding issues and your leave balances may not be exact.  OAKS is the system of record.
There is a known issue that there is a comp time delay.  Comp time will be load the evening of 11/5/12.
The Kronos Project Team





Created at 11/5/2012 11:07 AM by Crystal Beacom
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