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Error When Editing Schedule - "Before Sign Off Date"


Payroll Users

When attempting to edit a schedule, user receives an error indicating the schedule date is before the sign off date.
Information or Workaround:

The preferred method for editing/deleting an employee’s schedule is to use the Schedule Editor feature (the same one used to add a schedule template to an employee). However, it appears to be acting “temper-mental”, so the following approach may be used as a substitute:

1.)    Go to “TIMEKEEPING/Review Timecard and Approvals”
2.)    Select “Schedule/Delete All Patterns
3.)    Select a “Start Date” of 11/18/2012 (as an example) and an “*End Date” of “Forever” (if you want the schedule for an indefinite period of time)
Following these steps will delete an employee’s schedule from 11/18/2012 forward. Then you can go into the Schedule Editor feature and add the new schedule.





Created at 11/29/2012 2:29 PM by Joshua Oswald
Last modified at 11/29/2012 2:37 PM by Joshua Oswald