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Employee Is Not In Kronos


Fiscal Officers

A new, re-hired, or transferred employee is not in Kronos.
Resolution Process:
1) Verify with HR that the employee has been entered into OAKS, has an active status, and has an accurate "effective date".
2) Verify it has been at least two business days since the employee was entered into OAKS.
  • It can take two business days for OAKS information to be transferred to Kronos
  • Kronos loads information weekdays between 9AM and 10AM
3) Verify with IT that the employee has an Active Directory account with the OAKS ID entered. Verify the OAKS ID was not mistyped.
4) If no problems are found from steps 1-3, send an email to kronos@dot.state.oh.us with the employee's name, OAKS ID, and supervisor's name.





Created at 2/6/2013 8:40 AM by Joshua Oswald
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