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Manager Retracts Approved TOR, Still Appears "Stuck" On Timecard


All End Users

A manager retracts an approved TOR, but it still appears on the employee's timecard. Nothing further can be done with the TOR.
Information or Workaround:
This is a known bug and Kronos is actively working on a resolution.
If an employee has a TOR in this "stuck" condition, contact your local Fiscal Officer or Payroll to have them clear the issue.
Until a permanent fix is in place, use the following TOR Cancellation Guide to prevent TORs from getting stuck:

TOR Cancellation Guide 

1. If the employee submits a TOR and it is for the wrong date or wrong time or any other reason that they don’t want it, AND THE MANAGER HAS NOT APPROVED IT, then they need to RETRACT IT.
2. If the employee submitted a TOR and the MANAGER HAS APPROVED IT the employee must CANCEL THE REQUEST. Then the manager has to APPROVE the CANCEL REQUEST.

      3. The manager can also CANCEL the TOR for the employee if the employee requests it.

*The manager should never RETRACT a TOR as this will cause it to become "stuck". 




Created at 7/25/2012 5:25 PM by Wendy Flowers
Last modified at 8/7/2012 1:44 PM by Joshua Oswald